Massey Ferguson
MF8 S Series
High Horse Power Tractor
6 Models | 205hp (153kW) - 305hp (227kw) | Cab
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Introducing the Award Winning Massey Ferguson MF8 S Series High Horse Power Tractor, specifically designed by farmers for farmers. Ultimately, the Massey Ferguson MF 8S Series, offers unmatched comfort, connectivity, ease of use, power efficiency, output, and low cost of operation. Moreover, the tractor is equipped with smart farming technology, enhancing both: the user experience and ensuring top reliability. As a result, you will get fully maximized uptime and the best return on investment. Lastly, the MF8 S has already garnered high recognition. Finally, this tractor received prestigious awards such as the Tractor of the Year 2021, the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021, the AE50 award, and the Farm Machine 2022, making it the ultimate farming solution.

Key Features

  • Dyna-7 (28 x 28) or Dyna-VT transmissions
  • 6-cylinders, 7.4L AGCO Power Engine
  • Up to 10,000kg rear lift capacity
  • Up to 1,280Nm max. torque
  • 460L (500L with Dyna-VT) fuel tank


Efficient drive-lines bring higher productivity and efficiency

  • Experience the new Dyna-7 powershift transmissions and Dyna-VT, which provide best-in-class speed change with ultimate comfort. Thus, these transmissions, equipped with Engine Power Management, deliver precise power when needed, resulting in maximum output and power efficiency. With a reduction in power loss by up to 26%, the new Dyna-7 powershift and Dyna-VT transmissions offer the latest in transmission technology for improved equipment performance.

Low cost of operation

  • Achieve maximum engine efficiency with state-of-the-art technology, resulting in a 10% decrease in fuel consumption and noise levels. Thus, the unique All-In-One Stage V after-treatment system ensures the best visibility and minimal maintenance. In addition, with MFCare repair and maintenance contract schemes, you can keep your equipment in top condition while minimizing costs. Consequently, upgrade your machinery to enjoy the benefits of advanced engine technology and cost-effective operation.

The next level of space, comfort, ergonomy and connectivity

  • Discover the quietest cab available on the market, boasting an impressive noise level of just 68dB, available at KC Equipment. Additionally, this tractor offers an exceptional 360° visibility from the cab, ensuring a clear view of your surroundings. Furthermore, you will experience enhanced driving comfort with cab and front axle suspension, minimizing vibrations during operation. Furthermore, stay informed with ease through the new MF vDisplay Digital dashboard, providing all the necessary information at a glance. Ultimately, take full control of your tractor’s operations with the new armrest, offering best-in-class functionality.

Ability to work faster with the most demanding implements

  • Plus unlock enhanced hydraulic capabilities with the Massey Ferguson MF 8S Series. Thus, benefit from up to five* spool valves at the rear and three at the front, complete with front linkage and Power Beyond installation, as well as a high lift capacity hitch. Additionally, the hydraulic system empowers you to work with greater speed and efficiency, accommodating a wide range of implements and boosting overall versatility. Note that up to four spool valves are available with pick-up hitch.

Straightforward, smart, sustainable farming technologies

  • Moreover, discover the new Datatronic 5 and optional Fieldstar 5 terminal, offering an advanced precision farming package designed to enhance your productivity. As a result, stay ahead of the curve with state-of-the-art technology that provides intuitive controls and seamless integration with your farming operations. Ultimately, maximize your agricultural potential with KC Equipment’s precision farming solutions.

Dyna-VT Highlights:

  • Stepless transmission eases the operator’s job considerably, while boosting fuel efficiency in all conditions.
  • Simple, infinite speed control, from 0.03 speeds to 40 km/h or 50 km/h* available with 40 km/h super Eco or 50 km/h* Eco.
  • The choice of two speed ranges optimises torque for different applications.
  • Lever, pedal control means operator can choose his preferred mode.
  • ‘Supervisor’ maximises output under varying loads.
  • New Automatic mode enables operators to adjust forward speed, while automatically regulating engine speed according to load and speed.
  • Shuttle and Pedal aggressiveness adjustment with brake pedal to neutral feature.

Exclusive Package Specification –

  • Exclusive is a combination of high-spec versatility and refinement dedicated to operators looking for a tractor with advanced features and functions in terms of ergonomics, comfort, automation, Smart Farming capacities and full connectivity.


  • MF8S – 205hp, Dyna-7 transmission – ‘Exclusive’ specification or Dyna-VT transmission ‘Exclusive’ specification
  • MF8S – 225hp, Dyna-7 transmission – ‘Exclusive’ specification or Dyna-VT transmission ‘Exclusive’ specification
  • MF8S – 245hp, Dyna-7 transmission – ‘Exclusive’ specification or Dyna-VT transmission ‘Exclusive’ specification
  • MF8S – 265hp, Dyna-7 transmission – ‘Exclusive’ specification or Dyna-VT transmission ‘Exclusive’ specification
  • MF8S – 285hp, Dyna-VT transmission ‘Exclusive’ specification
  • MF8S – 305hp, Dyna-VT transmission ‘Exclusive’ specification


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