Massey Ferguson
MF5 S Series
The Ultimate All-Rounder Tractor
5 Models | 105hp (78kW) - 145hp (108kw) | Cab
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The new Massey Ferguson MF5 S Series is the ideal all-rounder tractor, with tremendous power ranging from 105hp to 145hp. This tractor comes in five different models. Each model comes with a clean and improved design that has the classic sabre line livery. Its agile and nimble build makes it a dream to manoeuvre, with an award-winning visibility that ensures maximum safety. With a tight 4m turning radius, this machine guarantees excellent performance and great control. Furthermore, it provides a diverse selection of equipment and options, ensuring ideal comfort for all applications. Consequently, this tractor is a preferred choice for contractors, dairy and livestock farmers, and other producers. The Massey Ferguson MF5 S Series is designed to handle any duty on the farm with ease and efficiency. It not only performs well, but it also blends economy and comfort, making it an outstanding solution for all of your agricultural demands!

Key Features

  • Dyna-4 (16 x16) or Dyna-6 (24 x 24) transmissions
  • 4-cylinders, 4.4L AGCO Power Engine
  • Up to 6,000kg rear lift capacity
  • Up to 550Nm max. torque
  • 200L fuel tank


Low operating costs

  • AGCO Power’s 4-cylinder, 4.4 litre engine is an excellent choice. It not only meets Stage V emission requirements, but it also has a compact All-in-One after-treatment system that comprises DOC, SCR, and SC. Thus, these innovations work together to provide higher power while using less fuel and AdBlue®. Furthermore, the engine is equipped with an electronic wastegate turbocharger, which boosts performance while lowering emissions. Additionally, this function helps the engine to run more efficiently, lowering fuel consumption and running costs even further. Overall, the AGCO Power 4-cylinder engine is a good alternative for those wishing to decrease running expenses without compromising performance. Thanks to its Stage V compliant All-in-One after-treatment system and cost-cutting features.

Efficient drivelines deliver higher productivity

  • Upgrade Your Driving Experience with Dyna-4 (16×16) or Dyna-6 (24×24) Proven Transmission Technology with Automatic Shifting. Achieve 40km/hr at Low 1,530rpm with super eco operation for improved fuel efficiency and comfort. Get maximum output with perfect engine and transmission partnership.

Equipped to work faster with the widest implements

  • Enhance your productivity with a wide range of hydraulic systems delivering flowrates from 58 to 110 Litres/min from open-centre or load-sensing systems. Double your efficiency with MF 5S’s new front linkage design, offering lift capacities up to 3,000kg (+17% vs previous range), and a stronger rear linkage for lifting up to 6,000kg (+14% vs previous range). Hence, experience higher comfort with the new suspended front axle and improved turning radius, permitting a higher gross vehicle weight of 9,500kg. The Massey Ferguson MF 5S lets you handle larger loads with ease, operate wider machines at faster speeds, and make tighter headland turns with SpeedSteer.

The perfect loader partner

  • Looking for a tractor that offers exceptional visibility, manoeuvrability, and hydraulic systems? Look no further than the Massey Ferguson MF 5S! With best-in-class visibility down to just 4m ahead of the tractor over the slim dashboard and narrow steep-nose bonnet, you’ll always have a clear view of your work. Plus, with a choice of three hydraulic systems, you can enjoy exceptional pressure, flow, and response. The left-hand power control lever is designed for easy operation, allowing you to change direction, shift speeds, and select neutral with ease. In addition, with a choice of joysticks, you can operate the loader and change direction and speeds effortlessly. If you need a loader, the Massey Ferguson MF 5S has you covered. It can be ordered loader ready, meaning that it only requires the mounting of the loader arms and implement. Experience the best in visibility, manoeuvrability, and control with the MF 5S tractor.

Straightforward Fuse Technologies for more accuracy

  • With its precision farming technologies, the Massey Ferguson MF 5S will help you improve your farming operations and reduce your input costs.
  • Moreover, the MF Guide offers sub-meter and centimeter accuracy, reducing overlaps and improving economy. You can choose between Novatel or Trimble receivers and correctional signals, depending on your needs.
  • In addition, the MF Section Control can minimize overlaps by 12%, while MF rate control adjusts the application rate on the move, saving you precious inputs. And with MF connect telemetry, you can remotely access machine data in real-time to monitor and analyze operating information from your MF 5S, helping you manage fleet performance more effectively.
  • The Mf TaskDoc™ and The Mf TaskDocPro™ create and securely transfer detailed job records between the field and office, making it easier to keep track of your farming operations.
  • The Datatronic 5, 9in touch-screen terminal provides easy access to tractor functions, ISOBUS, MF Guide, MF Section Control, and MF Rate Control, with intuitive operation that delivers more precise farming. However, if you need even more convenience, the optional Fieldstar 5 terminal provides another touch-screen display, creating an easy-to-use precision farming package.

Ultimate comfort for a more productive working day

  • With a wide range of Essential, Essential Panoramic, or Efficient specifications to choose from, the MF5 S is equipped with a comfortable, quiet, and cool cab with efficient suspension. Hence, the easy-to-access cab offers the best visibility on the market, thanks to its large glass area and steep bonnet, providing unrivalled visibility down to just 4m ahead of the tractor. Plus, with a new front axle suspension, you’ll experience even more comfort. Furthermore, the intuitive Datatronic 5 console (optional with Exclusive version) delivers the information you need to manage and control all tractor’s functions. Moreover, with a new armrest and perfect ergonomics, all controls are within easy reach for effortless operation. Ultimately, choose the MF 5S for a comfortable, efficient, and easy-to-use tractor that can help you achieve your farming goals.

Low repair and maintenance

  • Finally, the Massey Ferguson MF5 S offers a long 600-hour engine maintenance interval, making it a cost-effective option for farm businesses. Additionally, maintenance contracts are available to help you operate competitively and reduce maintenance costs. Plus, KC Equipment is only a phone call away if you need some support. Consequently, choose the Massey Ferguson MF 5S for a low-cost, low-maintenance tractor that can help you maximize your profitability.

Choice of Essential or Efficient Specification –

  • Essential Version – Essential is the base specification for the MF5 S Series, but it is anything but basic. It provides all the key elements you would expect from Massey Ferguson. In addition, this tractor is the perfect blend of simplicity, ease of use and versatility. Moreover, the MF5 S Series fit the needs that require power and performance. Spool Valves: There’s straightforward mechanical control of the spool valves on Essential versions, with the addition of a comfortable dedicated joystick option for precise loader control.
  • Efficient Version – Equipped with key, productivity enhancing features, the Efficient package helps you to work faster, to a higher standard and with more accuracy. Moreover, the Efficient Version is available for all MF 5S Series tractors. Furthermore, the Efficient version can come with either a Dyna-4 or Dyna-6 transmission, both with Automatic mode as standard. Loader-ready tractors can be specified with an electronic multi-function joystick option, which is integrated into the armrest console. As well as operating the loader and transmission functions, this can also be used to control the optional front linkage. Spool Valves: In Efficient models you’ll find new, armrest-mounted fingertip switches for the 1st & 2nd spool valves. This work in combination with mechanically operated levers for the 3rd & 4th spool valves.


  • MF5S – 105hp, Dyna-4 or Dyna-6 transmission, ‘Essential’ or ‘Efficient’ specification
  • MF5S – 115hp, Dyna-4 or Dyna-6 transmission, ‘Essential’ or ‘Efficient’ specification
  • MF5S – 125hp, Dyna-4 or Dyna-6 transmission, ‘Essential’ or ‘Efficient’ specification
  • MF5S – 135hp, Dyna-4 or Dyna-6 transmission, ‘Essential’ or ‘Efficient specification
  • MF5S – 145hp, Dyna-4 or Dyna-6 transmission, ‘Essential’ or ‘Efficient specification


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