M Series
Durable, Powerful, Capable - The Kubota M Series
12 Models | 62hp (46kW) - 105hp (78kW) | Cab or ROPS
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With the Kubota M Series, high performance and affordability blend to bring you a line of tractors that can tackle just about anything you throw at it. Kubota has improved one of its most durable and affordable models with a totally redesigned cab and hood, new direct injection engines, powerful front loaders and a host of ergonomic improvements. The Kubota M Series is perfect for baling and cutting as well as cattle, dairy and more. Take one for a test drive and you’ll be convinced. Four transmissions are available across the range, from a 12F/12R on the M6040 and M7040 models, to a 36F/36R with Hydraulic Dual Speed on the M9540DHC-DS. Shifting between forward and reverse is seamless and smooth with the new and improved M-Series Hydraulic Shuttle, included standard across the entire range.



  • Kubota’s revolutionary new centre direct injection system (E-CDIS) engines offer more durability, power and fuel efficiency.
  • Category I & II 3-point hitches provide fast and simple attachment of rear-mounted implements. Two external hydraulic cylinders provide equal lifting force and smooth transfer of hydraulic power for easy operation.
  • M-Series hydraulic pumps are located on the side case instead of on the engine, shortening the oil flow path and increasing efficiency.
  • Shifting between forward and reverse is seamless and smooth with Kubota’s new and improved Hydraulic Shuttle. Simple operation with a column-mounted lever (Cab models) or dash-mounted lever (ROPS models).
  • Bevel-gear front axle provides the M40 series with better all around manoeuvrability, especially for jobs in tight spaces.


  • M6040 and M7040 models – Synchronized four speeds of the main shift and a high/low range supply tractors with 12 Forward and 12 Reverse speeds, including 4 creep speed.
  • M7040SUHD – Range shift lever provides quick and easy shifting between high and low gears, providing 8 forward and 8 reverse speeds (8F/8R), allowing the operator to choose the right gear for the task.
  • M8540 and M9540 models – For heavy-duty work such as ploughing, hay work and heavy trailer applications, the M8540 and M9540 models are equipped with an F18/R18 transmission. This transmission features six speeds of the main shift and high/low/creep ranges.
  • M9540DHC-DS – Hydraulic Dual Speed, which further enhances the working capacity of the tractor, is included as standard on the M9540 DHC-DS. The Dual Speed feature provides instant upshift and downshift. If the load increases while in the Hi position, a simple press of the Dual Speed button will reduce speed and increase engine torque.


  • Cab models – Rounded glass on the cab gives the operator more room and greater visibility. The height of the cab offers plenty of headroom and most levers and switches are placed to the right side console for easy access.
  • Reclining, weight-adjusted seats come standard, designed to absorb shock and significantly reduce operator fatigue.
  • Digital LED panel makes viewing vital functions on this tractor clear and easy.


  • Features folding ROPS frame and seat belt as standard.
  • Halogen headlights provide clear and bright illumination when working and traveling at night.
  • The integrated, air-conditioned cab of the B3150HDCC is dust-resistant, with pedal connections moved to the steering column. This means there are no holes in the floor, minimizing noise and dust ingress.

Optional Attachments

Front End Loader

  • Optional LA1353E Kubota front end loader offers increased lifting power that’s perfect for farm use, and a fully integrated design with slanted boom to match the tractor’s hood. This sleek design also increases visibility and clearer sight lines to the bucket and loader sides.
  • Sturdy, thick steel frame features no braces or connectors, making it quick and easy to attach the loader as well as offering increased visibility.
  • Hydraulic tubes are neatly tucked inside the loader boom, better protecting the tractor hydraulics and offering increased operator visibility.
  • Attach or detach the front loader in moments without the use of tools. The boom stands and mounting pins make this task a snap, allowing an extra measure of productivity and tractor versatility.
  • Hydraulic self-levelling valve allows the operator to raise or lower the loader boom while keeping the bucket level to the ground. This helps prevent spills when carrying soil or sand and also makes pallet handling smooth and easy.
  • QVX36 Mechanical Self Level Loader option available enabling the operator to keep the bucket level to the ground.


M6040DH – 62hp, 12F/12R (with Creep), ROPS M6040DHC – 62hp, 12F/12R (with Creep), Cab M7040DH – 68hp, 12F/12R (with Creep), ROPS M7040DHC – 68hp, 12F/12R (with Creep), Cab M7040SUHD – 68hp, 8F/8R (4-Speed), ROPS M8540DH – 84.6hp, 18F/18R (with Creep), ROPS M8540DHC – 84.6hp, 18F/18R (with Creep), Cab M9540DH – 94.5hp, 18F/18R (with Creep), ROPS M9540DHC – 94.5hp, 18F/18R (with Creep), Cab M9540DHC-DS – 95hp, 36F/36R (with Creep and Dual Speed), Cab M96SHDM – 95hp, 24F/24R (with Creep), ROPS Mudder Tractor M108DC – 105hp, 16F/16R (with Creep), Cab


Please download the Kubota M Series brochure for more information. Please download the Kubota M96SHDM brochure for more information. Please download the Kubota M108S brochure for more information.

Manufacturer’s Website

Kubota – www.kubota.com.au

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