NX Series
Durable Design, Efficient Engines - Features HST Link
2 Models | 60hp (44.7kW) | Cab or ROPS
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NX6020 HST ROPS 60HP With front end loader and 4-in-1 bucket from $55,295!
NX6020 HST CAB 60HP With front end loader and 4-in-1 bucket from $62,895!

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The NX Series tractors are a true Australian workhorse. The combination of an efficient engine, HST transmission and flat work platform make the NX Series a great option for any operation.

The NX series is loaded with standard equipment and features such as wet disc brakes, rear remotes, and true electronic cruise control, which maintains the tractor’s speed regardless of the road or the load. The transmission pedal and engine rpm can also become synchronized with a simple push of the ‘HST Link’ lever, greatly simplifying tractor operation and reducing fuel consumption.

The NX Series is currently available in both ROPS or Cab versions (which includes air conditioning, sunvisors and CD player), both featuring a 60hp 3 cylinder turbo-diesel.


HST Link pedal

  • When the HST linked button is engaged, the HST pedal and the engine rpm become synchronized. This greatly simplifies tractor operation and reduces fuel consumption.

No Stall

  • When ‘No Stall’ function is engaged, the tractor will protect itself from instant engine stall when there are momentary engine overloads. The operator can also fix and set the maximum speed limit in accordance with any job requirements.

Durable, Powerful Hydrostatic Transmission

  • All Australian NX models feature a performance proven, heavy duty hydrostatic transmission that delivers power smoothly and efficiently. The transmission features three speed ranges (Hi/Mid/Low), and separate twin pedals to make the job as easy and smooth as possible.

Electronic Cruise Control

  • The true speed electronic cruise control system enables the tractor to maintain a set speed no matter the condition of the road or load. This is very useful feature especially for those jobs that require precise speed.

Integrated Loader Joystick

  • An integrated joystick for front loader operation is included standard on the NX Series.

Deluxe Suspension Seat

  • Ergonomically designed-fully adjustable fabric suspension seat allows the operator to ride in comfort no matter the job. The seat back incorporates a built in pocket for storing the operating manual.

Adjustable Power Steering

  • With hydrostatic power steering, the tractor has a smooth responsive steering that requires minimal operator effort regardless of the task at hand.

High Projection Head and Working Lamp

  • A new projection head and working lamp provides operators with safer conditions in dark conditions.

Improved Air Conditioning System

  • The improved Cooling and Heating system will ensure better working conditions for the operator, whatever the weather.

Wider and Clearer View

  • The new comfortable cabin with upgraded interior will minimize operator fatigue even after long days of work. The front glass with improved wiper position and cabin sealing provides better visibility and improved noise protection.


NX6020 (ROPS)
NX6020 (Cab)


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