John Berends Implements
S Tine Heavy Duty Range
Larger Tines, With A Heavier, More Rigid Frame
Available In 16, 20 and 24 Tine Models
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The John Berends Implements S Tine Heavy Duty Range Cultivators are one of the most versatile and valuable machines a farmer can own. They are most commonly used for secondary cultivation, although they can be used for primary cultivation in lighter soils. Moreover, the John Berends Implements S Tine Heavy Duty Range Cultivators – heavy duty model features a 50 x 50mm RHS frame throughout with larger tines, providing a heavier and more rigid machine for hard ground and primary cultivation.


Key Features

  • An adjustable headstock allows the machine to be offset for closer cultivation near fences, trees, vines etc.
  • Four bar assembly allows approximately 400mm (16″) tine clearance which is extremely important in preventing trash build-up.
  • Optional crumbler roller breaks down clods and also controls cultivation depth.
  • Optional wheel kit for depth control.
  • Available in three sizes (working widths): 2.4m (16 tine), 3m (20 tine) and 3.6m (24 tine).
  • Please note the actual width of the machine is 125mm wider than the working widths provided, and the optional wheel kit adds an additional 500mm.


0300 – 2.4m (16 Tines) 0301 – 3.0m (20 Tines) 0302 – 3.6m (24 Tines)


No. Tines – 16-24 Tine Size – 45mm x 12mm Machine Width – 2.5m – 3.7m Frame Size – 50mm x 50mm RHS Tractor hp – 3hp per tine Tractor Cat Connection – Cat 1/2 Three Point Linkage


12 months on design and manufacture

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