John Berends Implements
Folding Wing S Tine
Hydraulically Folding With 5.4m Working Width
Fitted With 54 Tines at 100mm Centres And Crumbler
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The John Berends Implements Folding Wing S Tine Cultivator is a heavy duty primary and secondary cultivator. Hydraulically folding wings provide a massive 5.4m working width. 54 tines are fitted at 100mm centres, and it features crumblers across the entire span for a superior finish. Solid rubber tyres are standard, so there’s no risk of punctures, and there’s a choice of four different points. The John Berends Implements Folding Wing S Tine Cultivator can be set into two alternative positions: floating, to follow the contour of the ground being worked on; or locked, to assist penetration in hard ground.


Key Features

  • Working width 5.4m
  • 54 tines at 100mm centres
  • Triple crumblers for a superior finish
  • Solid rubber tyres, no risk of punctures and improved capacity.
  • 3.5m transport width when folded.
  • Two wing modes: floating and locked
  • Choice of four different points for different applications

Point Options

  • Standard Reversible Point: 40mm point ideal for nearly all jobs from general cultivation and pasture renovation to mixing fertiliser.
  • Lucerne point: 10mm bimetal blade suitable for cutting into pasture mat to improve productivity. Also used for thinning out wheat fields.
  • Goosefoot: 70mm share designed to break up very hard ground. Excellent for light stubble cultivation, penetrating couch grass, weed removal and mixing in fertiliser.
  • Duckfoot: 105mm point which has 100% coverage on standard S tine. Used to quickly spill out weed growth or working previously cultivated ground. Good at cutting off tap roots and mixing in fertiliser.


0319 – 5.4m (54 Tines)


12 months on design and manufacture

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