John Berends Implements
Designed For Row Cleanup In Vineyards And Orchards
12" Front Furrower | Adjustable, Up To 3000mm Width
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Mainly used for vineyard or orchard application, the John Berends Implements Delver is designed to move soil from the centre of the rows back out to the base of the vines or trees. The John Berends Implements Delver can be used for either flat or vee shaped rows and is adjustable for width.


Key Features

  • After significant customer enquiry and feedback, the Berends delver was added to our extensive range of machinery.
  • Primarily designed for vineyard use, but useful in a variety of applications.
  • In the vineyard, it is ideal for cleaning the ground between vines and moving soil back onto vine bases.
  • The delver consists of two mouldboards, which are adjustable to suit different row widths. Using the extensions provided it is possible to work row widths of approximately 3 metres.
  • The 12″ furrower on the front is designed to penetrate into the ground. The depth can be adjusted by raising or lowering the tractor linkage. The angle of the ‘V’ drain is adjusted by adjusting the top link.
  • The delver is much more effective if the soil has been cultivated previously and is not compacted.


0264 – Delver


12 months on design and manufacture

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John Berends Implements Delver


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