John Berends Implements
Coil Tine Chisel Plough
For Deep Penetration Without Bringing Up Subsoil
Available in 5, 7, 9 and 11 Tine Models
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The John Berends Implements Coil Tine Chisel Plough is a heavy duty primary and secondary cultivator. It’s ideal for when deep penetration is required, but you don’t want to bring subsoil to the surface. Furthermore, the John Berends Implements Coil Tine Chisel Plough is commonly used in market garden operations to penetrate beneath the normal level of cultivation. Moreover, the coil allows the tine to move, assisting penetration and reducing horsepower requirement. The 30mm square high resistance hardened double coil tines do not disturb the surface as much as wider chisel plough tines. As a result, this is useful in such operations as pasture renovation and plough or rotary hoe pan breaking. The finer tine is also good for secondary cultivation where a heavy machine is needed for heavier soils. The Coil Tine Chisel Plough is available in 5, 7, 9 and 11 tine versions. Please note: Wheel kit is available as an option, for depth control.


  • Heavy duty 100 x 100 x 6mm frame.
  • Optional wheel kit (Holden wheels)
  • Made in Australia


0202 – 5 Tine 0204 – 7 Tine 0206 – 9 Tine 0208 – 11 Tine


12 months on design and manufacture

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