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Ultimate In Breaking Compaction & Preserving Soil
Available In 4 and 6 Tine Models
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The John Berends Implements Ground Breakers specially curved and twisted European Bellota tines are designed to loosen the soil more effectively than conventional straight shank tine by gently vibrating the hard pan from the bottom up. This produces more lateral fracturing between the tines without bringing the sub soil to the surface or burying residue. Retaining surface residue will prevent top soil erosion and reduce moisture loss through evaporation. It also less likely to create clods on the surface, leaving a smoother finish. For a clean finish, it is most effective when there is some moisture in the soil but not too wet. Compact soils prevent root development and reduce water absorption. By loosening the soil, roots are able to access groundwater during dry periods.


Agricultural aeration, cultivation and renovation.


Key Features

  • All tine components are made from boron steel which provides great flexibility and long wear life. The Special Heat Treatment Process offers a surface hardness of HRc 50. The components are then shot-peened and painted
  • 15mm tine shank provides 900mm under-frame clearance. Capable of digging down to 18″ depth depending on soil conditions
  • Reversible point is 40mm thick and angled for easy soil penetration. Replaceable 8mm shin guard prevents wear to tine
  • High tensile 20mm shear bolts
  • Various tine configurations available. Standard in 4 and 6 tine models. Approximately 20-35HP per tine depending on soil conditions
  • Cat 2 Linkage with extremely strong 150 x 150 x 10mm main frame. Clamp brackets made from 32mm plate

Can be used prior to, or in conjunction with, power harrows/ rotary hoes

  • The tines on power harrows tend to compress the soil at the same depth creating a thin pan-layer which impedes root growth. Running the Groundbreaker 100mm lower than the harrows will bust the pan without bringing up the subsoil.
  • By loosening the soil prior to cultivation also enables the tractor to be run at a higher gear saving fuel and time with less wear on that implement.
  • This is ideal in “No-Till” planting systems as the Groundbreaker allows the stubble to remain anchored and upright, unlike other tillage implements which loosen the stubble and subsequently create difficulties for no-till drills.


0339 – 2 Tine Ground Breaker 0340 – 4 Tine Ground Breaker 0341 – 6 Tine Ground Breaker


12 months on design and manufacture

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