500 Vario Series
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Formed by Ideals

The 500 Vario brings together the best ideals in a completely new tractor series. The dimensions of the legendary 500 Favorit, paired with an award-winning design, are visible signs of the technical progress. The combination of up to 165 hp maximum output with fuel-saving SCR technology brings high efficiency to a new performance class. The ideal features of the Fendt high-horsepower tractors – the unique VisioPlus cab and the Variotronic – are now also found in the new 500 Vario. That is ideal, through and through.

Fendt Efficient Technology – uncompromisingly ideal

The best of the best Fendt machines are given the Fendt Efficient Technology label. They allow professional farmers to achieve MORE from LESS – more output using less resources such as fuel, inputs or time. The 500 Vario achieves this with equipment options such as the VarioGuide guidance system or the VarioDoc documentation system. The outstanding fuel economy of a Fendt goes without saying.

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The 500 Vario is full of ingenious innovations, which have already received international awards.

Machine of the Year 2014

  • The AGCO/Fendt Team was pleased to receive the “Machine of the Year” award at the official awards ceremony. “When selecting our award winners, we paid special attention to practicability,” explained Detlef Steinert, Editor in Chief of the dlz agrarmagazin, in his welcoming words at the awards ceremony. The 500 Vario is convincing in its overall design concept, with optimal ergonomics and cutting-edge, highly efficient technologies. The Variotronic and Varioterminal, VarioGuide and VarioDoc documentation, are only a few of the features with which Fendt sets standards in the power class from 125 to 165 hp.

AE50 Award in the USA

  • The Fendt 500 Vario series received an AE50 Award from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE). This award celebrates product innovations in the areas of agricultural, food and biological systems.


The 500 Vario allows you to perform transport work at 50 km/h at a fuel-saving 1,700 rpm. The chassis design provides the best ride comfort as well as optimum ergonomics. Six points ensure an exceptional driving sensation:

  • the self-levelling front axle suspension
  • the Fendt Reaction steering system
  • the shock load stabilising
  • the cab suspension
  • the seat suspension
  • the automatic steering axle lock

The ingenious Fendt Vario transmission

  • The Fendt Vario transmission is a hydrostatic-mechanical power split drive. With increasing speed, the share of the mechanical power transmitted through the planetary set increases. Power splitting and hydrostats that swing 45 degrees ensure outstanding efficiency. The transmission is uniquely efficient and permits speeds starting from 20 Meter per hour to up to 50 km/h without shifting.

Load relief front linkage control

  • The comfort front linkage on the 500 Vario has optional load relief control. It allows the weight of the implement to be transferred to the tractor over a defined pressure. The pressure can be readjusted during operation. This is especially advantageous for winter operations or with a mower or mulcher, because the weight is shifted to the front axle, which improves steering performance.

Lighting at its best

  • The light arrangement in the 500 Vario is unique – the work lights are “cross-eyed”. This completely prevents all shadows and reflections so operators profit from an optimally illuminated field of vision.
  • Get back home safely: The integrated coming home light permits operators to climb down from the tractor safely, even in the dark. The headlights continue to shine after the tractor has been switched off.

Perfect Suspension Design

  • The design of the suspension on the 500 Vario enables maximum ride comfort in the field and on the road. The combination of front axle suspension, cab suspension and seat suspension was adopted from the high-horsepower tractors – they provide a driving sensation on par with passenger cars.

TMS and automatic load limit control

  • On a Fendt Vario, automated functions optimize driving. The Tractor Management System TMS controls the engine speed and transmission ratio to ensure as low a fuel consumption as possible. With the automatic maximum output control, the engine load is adapted to the particular operation.




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