Agrolux Series
Classic Design Prioritising Toughness and Simplicity
2 Models | 75hp (56kw) - 92hp (69kw) | ROPS
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The Agrolux series by Deutz-Fahr comprises of two models, the Agrolux 410 (75hp) and the Agrolux 95 (92hp). These tractors are designed to be the all round tractor on your farm as they can do a multitude of task such as slashing, rotary hoeing, lifting a large bale of hay, post hole knocking and more. The Agrolux 95 ROPS is designed to be a deluxe ROPS tractor with multi-purpose functionality. It is ideal for front end loader work with a dedicated synchro shuttle gearbox. The comfortable workspace stands out with its cabin-like feel, likewise the flat, step through platform and genuine all-weather canopy. For full specifications and a better look at the Agrolux ROPS Series please download the brochures.



  • The Agrolux 410 ROPS is equipped with the tried and tested fuel efficient SDF 1000 series. This engine is Tier 3 and comes in 3 cylinder turbocharged, or 4 cylinder turbocharged intercooled formats, depending on model. With this technology there is a new piston bowl profile for a cleaner air to fuel mix, as well as a higher compression ratio, resulting in greater power and increased fuel efficiency.
  • The Agrolux 95 ROPS has a high pressure combustion engine develops 92 hp at 2500 rpm and is equipped with high positioned 3 ring pistons, minimising friction and providing positive bore sealing. The 1000 series engine is fitted with an individual Bosch fuel injection system.


  • The Agrolux 410 ROPS model has a standard hydraulic pump output of 42.2 l/min. As well as featuring an open centre hydraulic system, with rear auxiliary remotes as standard. The rear hitch lift capacity is a heavy-hitting 3,000kg.
  • The Agrolux 95 ROPS has an open centre hydraulic system featuring a dedicated 56l/min pump which supplies oil solely for the hydraulics and auxiliary valves, ensuring maximum oil is available at all times. This model comes with two sets of remotes 1 detent/ 1 spring – with mechanical 3 point linkage and 4,300kg max. lift capacity.


  • The Agrolux 95 ROPS with its constant mesh gears ensure the power is transmitted smoothly through the gearbox with minimal loss of power. The PTO drive is direct from the engine to a hydraulically operated wet clutch pack. Pressure lubricated bearings and synchronisers ensure the heat generated within is quickly and efficiently dissipated.
  • The gearbox of the Agrolux 410 ROPS is fitted with 15 forward speeds and 15 reverse. Speeds range from 240m/hr right up to 40km/hr, thereby allowing the tractor to complete many tasks. The gearbox is a made up of helical cut gears, all speed gear changes are synchronised and it’s fitted with a heavy duty 11″ clutch, making this gearbox exceptionally durable.


  • The Agrolux 95 ROPS has a an optional braking valve located under the front of the right-hand foot plate allows the operator to choose the type of braking characteristic to perform depending upon the operation.
  • The Agrolux 410 ROPS has 4 wheel wet disc brakes. Working on slopes means constantly stopping the tractor. Fitted as a standard feature are four-wheel independent wet disc brakes. This system is hydraulically operated and allows all four wheels to brake independently when the brake pedal depressed, providing a safe working environment.


  • The Agrolux 95 ROPS has a fully independent driveline takes the power directly from the engine to the PTO gears. Single gear reduction in the driveline reduces power loss and helical cut PTO gears reduce noise during operation.
  • The Agrolux 410 ROPS has a direct drive PTO system by Deutz-Fahr which eliminates power losses from engine to PTO shaft. This system has a direct drive from engine to PTO with a single gear reduction, making the PTO power very close to the engine horsepower and thereby optimising output.

Operators Station

  • The Agrolux 410 ROPS offers a comfortable and secure space. Fitted with a semi-mounted platform with rubber matting, the operator can enter and exit the tractor easily without the risk of slipping. All controls are placed in a logical position, making the operation of any task easy.
  • The Agrolux 95 ROPS offers a comfortable and secure space. Fitted with a semi-mounted platform with rubber matting, the operator can enter and exit the tractor easily without the risk of slipping. All controls are placed in a logical position, making the operation of any task easy.


  • The Agrolux 95 ROPS has a sliding screen positioned in front of the main cooling radiator catches the heavy dust and debris which is drawn into the cooling area. This prevents the radiator from becoming blocked and it greatly reduces the risk of engine overheating.

Instrument Panel

  • The Agrolux 95 ROPS has an instrument panel featuring a clear visual display of engine rpm, forward speed kph, PTO speed indicator and hour meter, as well as fuel level and coolant temperature gauges.

Synchro Shuttle

  • On the Agrolux Series the same speed can be achieved going forward as in reverse. This is done by a dedicated forward/reverse synchronised shuttle, resulting in quick shuttle movements when using a loader or forklift.

Bosh Individual Injectors

  • Each cylinder on the Agrolux Series has its own individual Bosh injection pump, which differs from the rotary system used on most other diesel engines (as each individual injector pump is lubricated by engine oil and not diesel). The other advantage is the delivery to each cylinder is the same – each cylinder gets a high pressure direct injection of diesel resulting in better fuel usage.

Front End Loader Option

  • Most Agrolux models are fitted with a front end loader, that has been designed in Australia to meet our tough demands. All loaders are level lift and joystick control and incorporate a Euro 11 hitch, allowing for quick and easy attaching and detaching of buckets or forks.


Agrolux 410 – 75hp, 4 cylinder, ROPS Agrolux 95 – 92hp, 4 cylinder, ROPS


Please download the Brochure to see Specifications for this series.

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