Warlord S3
The Trimax Heavy Duty Flail Mulcher Mower
3 Models | 1740–2340mm (69–92") | Suits 44hp+
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The all new Warlord S3 with it’s hydraulic sideshift operation makes for a powerful working companion in commercial applications. We’ve designed the Warlord S3 to be safe and reliable for roadside and contracting work and have maintained our robust build which made the S2 the flail choice for hire fleets. With the ability to shred branches up to 75mm in diameter and fitted with unique features such as 3 year warranty, pruning guide and an adjustable rear flap, the Warlord S3 is a serious commercial flail mower.


3 Year Warranty

  • We stand behind our products in the most demanding conditions and we are proud to offer Warlord S3 with a market leading 3 year warranty.

Hydraulic Side Shift

  • he Warlord S3 can be positioned directly behind the tractor or quickly offset by up to 500mm. This is perfect for transport and for manoeuvring around obstacles.

Discharge Control

  • The coarseness of the mulch is controlled by the height of the rear flap. The finest mulch is produced with the flap in its lowest position. Lifting the flap allows more material to be processed. Controlling the discharge also assists with safety in public spaces. Lifting the flap fully open makes for easier flail servicing.

Pruning Guide

  • The guide helps direct prunings and other foliage in and under the Warlord which would otherwise be too high to fit through the front aperture. It also helps keep debris away from the hydraulic system for protection in challenging environments.

Heavy Duty Skids

  • The replaceable skids are ideal for operations where one side of the machine commonly runs on hard terrain.

Internal Liner

  • A 6mm replaceable internal liner increases the life of the body, minimised damage and reduces noise.

Product Options

Heavy Duty Roller

  • Upgrade from the 5mm thick roller to an 11mm heavy duty roller for more demanding applications.

Left Hand Offset

  • Warlord can be specified with left-hand offset. See offset graphs on page 31 for configurations.


WS3 175
WS3 205
WS3 235


WS3 175
Cutting Width – 1740mm (69″)
Overall Width – 2036mm (80″)
Overall Length – 1050mm (41″)
Cut Height Range – 10-110mm (3/8″ – 4 3/8″)
Approx Weight – 660kg
Minimum Tractor Size – 44hp
Rollers – 1
Flails Per Mower – 24
Warranty – 3 Years

WS3 205
Cutting Width – 2040mm (80″)
Overall Width – 2336mm (92″)
Overall Length – 1050mm (41″)
Cut Height Range – 10-110mm (3/8″ – 4 3/8″)
Approx Weight – 750kg
Minimum Tractor Size – 49hp
Rollers – 1
Flails Per Mower – 28
Warranty – 3 Years

WS3 235
Cutting Width – 2340mm (92″)
Overall Width – 2636mm (104″)
Overall Length – 1050mm (41″)
Cut Height Range – 10-110mm (3/8″ – 4 3/8″)
Approx Weight – 800kg
Minimum Tractor Size – 55hp
Rollers – 1
Flails Per Mower – 32
Warranty – 3 Years

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