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MF2600 Series
Ideal Workhorse For Small Properties & Commercial Sites
5 Models | 38.5hp (28.7kW) - 74hp (55.2kW) | ROPS
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Mixing tradition with style. The Massey Ferguson MF2600 Series is a rugged line of utility tractors which tackles any job at hand. Additionally, with models ranging from 39 to 74 engine horsepower, the MF2600 Series tractor meets the requirements of today’s demanding marketplace. Thus, with innovative styling, user-friendly controls, and a roomy operator’s area, the MF2600 lineup delivers a level of comfort that is surprising in a utility tractor. Moreover, with the Simpson 3 or 4 cylinder diesel engine (naturally aspirated or turbocharged), these reliable machines will tackle any job at hand. Additionally, the legendary Massey Ferguson 3-point hitch system puts the operator in total control of a wide range of implements, from mowing to loader work, grading, and tilling. Thus, the basic philosophy behind the MF2600 Series tractor is to provide an efficient, dependable, and durable product for the value-minded customer. For full specifications and a better look at the MF2600 Series, please download the brochure.


Adjustable Drawbar

  • Moreover, the drawbar, standard in all MF2600 tractors, is adjustable for height, length and offset to suit implements. As a result, this feature adds to the tractor’s versatility. In that it can adapt to tow most types of equipment safely.


  • Additionally, the simple 8 x 2 constant mesh transmission is simple in design and operation, and is extremely efficient and durable.

Three Point Linkage

  • The lower link arms feature cross drilled ball ends to suit both category I and II implements, reducing the time it takes to change implements. The MF2600 Series linkage capacity ranges from 1450 kg to 2050@BE and a Mark III four-cylinder inlet controlled scotch yoke piston pump for precise control of rear-mounted implements. Easy to use hydraulic controls offer draft and position control to fine tune mounted implements.

Independent PTO

  • Standard on all models is an IPTO, the main tractor clutch is independent of the PTO driveshaft. The IPTO incorporates an internal multi-disc clutch that is mechanically engaged.

Single Piece Bonnet

  • Designed with ease of service in mind. The single piece bonnet and easily accessible check points allow the operator to make routine checks quickly, so the tractor spends more time working.

Simpson 3 or 4 Cylinder Diesel Engines

  • All models are fitted with EU- compliant 3 or 4 cylinder diesel engines. With a heritage dating back more than a century much of the engineering process and know how comes from being a licensed manufacturer of the legendary Perkins engine. The influence of Perkins engines is present in the design and performance of all Simpson engines. These engines are well-placed to deliver dependable and fuel-efficient performance in a range of applications.


  • A choice of either 2WD or 4WD. With a 55° steering angle and 11° of oscillation, the 2WD MF2615 tractor can turn tight and keep both front wheels firmly planted on the most uneven terrain.

Loader Capabilities

  • The MF2600 Series all have the option to be equipped with hydraulically operated front end loaders. Engineered to match the MF2600 and auxiliary hydraulic flow rates up to 42 litres a minute. As a result, loader work takes minimum time.


MF2605-4R MF2615-2R MF2615-4R MF2625-4R MF2635-4R


Please download the Massey Ferguson MF2600 Series brochure for more information.

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