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The Best Value For Money Post Driver On The Market
Runs Off A Single Set Of Remote Hydraulics
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The John Berends Implements Post Driver is the safest and best value for money post driver on the market. Made in Australia. Based on simple but strong designs, the post driver runs off a single set of remote hydraulics. No plumbing in the back axle is required. Compared to most brands, the design is almost frictionless resulting in a virtually free falling weight with a greater “pounding force”. As a result, a lighter weight can be used. Suits a range of post sizes from star pickets to strainer posts. The protective cage is fitted with a micro limit switch which is connected to a solenoid valve to the ram. When the safety cage doors are opened the hydraulic system is shut down. The system is extremely quick and easy to operate. Note – It is a requirement that all post-drivers meet the design standards set out in the WorkSafe Industry Safety Standard May 2009 edition. Failure to comply can result in the machine being “condemned” by WorkSafe. The John Berends Post Driver meets this standard. For more details contact WorkSafe in your state or ask John Berends for a copy of the standards.


  • Will drive 9’6” post when sitting on the ground
  • 160kg dolly weight
  • Safety shutdown on cage door open
  • 10mm wire cable with stainless steel insert
  • Removable transport bar for initial pre-delivery
  • 2 1/2” x 8” ram activates the lever arm which lifts/lowers the dolly
  • Comes standard with single spool control valve to operate dolly
  • Ratchet sideways tilt as standard
  • Optional hydraulic tilt fitted to double spool valve
  • Optional hydraulic top link also available for fore-aft operation
  • Split upper/lower cages allow the unit to be used in existing fence lines
  • An adjustable sliding clamp is fitted to the main beam to keep post straight when driven
  • Parking stand for uneven ground
  • Cat 1 & 2 linkage
  • Made in Australia


0263 Post Driver (complete with single bank hydraulic control valve)


Overall Weight: Approximately 450kg Overall Height: 3.9m Requires tractor with one set of hydraulic remotes and 12 volt supply


12 months on design and manufacture

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