John Berends Implements
Pasture Topper
High Speed Cut Promotes Pasture Rejuvenation
1 Model | 2900mm (114") | Suits Tractors 35hp+
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The John Berends Implements Pasture Topper is the ‘razor cut’ pasture topper. This high speed pasture topper gives superior sharp, clean cutting, promoting pasture rejuvenation. The John Berends Implements Pasture Toppers are designed specifically for topping, with a high tip speed to provide a fine cut. They should not be used as a slasher, or in areas where they may strike stumps or rocks, or scalp the ground.


Key Features

  • Available in 10′ three point linkage model only.
  • Twin rotors fitted to either 45hp or 75hp end gearboxes, connected by a 75hp centre T gearbox. There is a rubber coupling flex-drive set-up with shear-bolt protection between each box.
  • The Heavy duty PTO is fitted with two plate slip clutch.
  • Very high tip speed provides a cut rivalling many finishing mowers. Timed, deeply stepped twisted blades uplift pasture and allow the topper to evenly spread the cuttings.
  • Adjustable skids allow easy cutting height adjustment.
  • The top plate is 3mm thick and the adjustable skids are 6mm thick.
  • Optional wheel-kits fitted with 14” Holden wheels and adjusted by a ratchet link (or optional hydraulics) are also available.
  • Machine can be operated behind smaller tractors as topping is not high horsepower work.
  • Fitted standard with front guards to prevent material being thrown forward over the tractor.


0115 – 3.0m (10′) Three Point Linkage Pasture Topper – 45hp 0016 – 3.0m (10′) Three Point Linkage Pasture Topper – 75hp 0117 – Wheel Kit to suit Pasture Topper – 2 Holden Castor Wheels


10′ Three Point Linkage Pasture Topper Cutting width – 2.90mCutting height (with adj skids) – 25-100mm Weight – 500kgLength (Overall) – 1.85m Width (Overall) – 3.12mHeadstock – Rigid/floating top link Body construction – 3mm body, 6mm sides Tractor hp range – 35hp+PTO – Series 5 shaft with 2 plate slip clutch Gearbox/PTO speed – 540 rpm Centre Gearbox – 75 HP End Gearboxes – 45hp or 75hp (optional) Gearbox Protection – Flexible couplings with shearbolt protection Tractor Cat connection – Cat 1/2


12 months on design and manufacture

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