John Berends Implements
Medium Duty Hydraulic
1 or 2 Ram - 8mm Mouldboard - Tractors 30hp+
Standard 6' Width - 45° Angle, 30° Tilt
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By incorporating the versatility of the larger hydraulic grader blades into the popular Medium Duty model, John Berends have provided the John Berends Implements Medium Duty Hydraulic grader blades: an implement for the small to medium range tractors which is easy to use, but with the strength and reliability to match Australian conditions. This version features the same quality mouldboard (8mm thick and 450mm high) as the regular Medium Duty models, and the same heavy duty reversible cutting edge. Two versions are available – one with 1 hydraulic ram, and another with 2 hydraulic rams. The 1 ram model lets you hydraulically control the blade’s angle, and incorporates a ratchet mechanism to adjust the blade’s tilt. The 2 ram model lets you hydraulically control both angle and tilt. Options include a pneumatic wheel kit for depth control, and a diverter kit to allow the 2 ram model to be used on tractors with a single set of remotes.


General purpose grading


  • Quality 3″ x 12″ rams
  • Hydraulic angle allows mouldboard to be angled at up to 45° in each direction from the tractor seat
  • Blade can also be reversed for back filling
  • Can be manually offset in seconds to work outside the tractor wheel to the left or right hand side
  • Maximum of 600mm offset
  • Tilt position can be controlled either via a ratchet or optional hydraulics (2 ram model)
  • Both mechanisms allow approximately 30° tilt in both directions
  • Additional holes for the lower linkage arms provide extra tilt for extreme V-draining.
  • Diverter kits are available to allow 2 ram model to be used on tractors with a single set of remotes
  • Heavy duty hardened reversible cutting edges for maximum life
  • Optional pneumatic wheel kit available for depth control.
  • Made In Australia


0414 – 6′ Medium Duty (Offset) with 1 Ram Hydraulics 0415 – 6′ Medium Duty (Offset) with 2 Ram Hydraulics


Cutting Width – 6′ Mouldboard Thickness – 8mm Mouldboard Height – 450mm Tractor Power Required (Approximate) – 30-60hp Number of offset positions – 4 Net Weight – 240kg


12 months on design and manufacture

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