Residential Battery Powered Ride-On Front Mower
Battery Rider | 38.5Ah | 40" (103cm) Cut Width
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Multipurpose for the multitaskers, the Husqvarna R200iX leads the shift towards electric riding lawn mowers. Dynamic mowing mode autonomously adapts to suit any lawn condition for an even cut, while SavE intelligently optimises battery use for class-leading capacity and efficiency. The fully electric, belt-free drive system reduces maintenance and produces zero direct Co2 emissions during use. Maximise your productivity with its premium features, customisable settings and optional attachments.


100 % battery powered

  • Moreover, the fully electric, belt-free drive system reduces maintenance.

Dual battery option

  • Furthermore, this machine has the possibility to add an extra battery to extend the runtime

Automatic blade engagement

  • In addition, the blades are engaged automatically when you lower the cutting deck for a quick and smooth start of work.

Intuitive control panel

  • Furthermore, all controls, including the cutting height adjustment and jog-wheel, are ergonomically located and easy to reach from the operator’s seat. The blades are engaged automatically when the cutting deck is lowered for a quick and smooth start of work.

Service position

  • Moreover, the cutting deck can be tilted up into service position for easy access during cleaning or service.

Dynamic mowing

  • Furthermore, the power supplied to the blades is automatically adapted based on the cutting conditions to maximise results and run time. In addition, each cutting motor is adapted individually, for example, when only one part of the cutting deck moves over thick grass

Charging status indicator

  • Moreover, LED lights indicate charging status for better control and planning of work.

Automatic parking break

  • Additionally, this machine has an automatic parking brake for increased safety with less effort.

Four large wheels

  • 14-inch wheels both front and back provide optimal riding comfort, great accessibility and less risk of damaging delicate surfaces.

Low noise

  • Battery-power means a more silent operation for improved user comfort and less noise impact on neighbours.

Low maintenance

  • The battery power riders requires less maintenance compared to petrol machines. No fuel, no oil and no belt service.

Front-mounted cutting deck

  • Moreover, the Front-mounted cutting deck for excellent reach into corners and under bushes.

Pivoting rear axle

  • The rear axle is pivoting to get maximum traction on the drive wheels and a smooth ride also on uneven surfaces.

Combi cutting deck

  • The Combi cutting deck allows you to choose between two cutting systems depending on the conditions. Choose BioClip® for lawn fertilisation and rear ejection for efficient mowing on areas with higher and rougher grass.

HMI Display

  • The intuitive display provides real-time data and guides through visual symbols and warning sounds to facilitate the driver’s work.


  • BioClip® (mulching) cuts the grass into fine pieces that quickly decompose and become a natural fertiliser, providing excellent results on frequently cut areas.

Articulated steering

  • The articulated steering gives excellent maneuverability and facilitates driving around obstacles.

Easy access controls

  • The intuitive user interface with easily operated jog-wheel to interact with your machine.

Bottle holder

  • Convenient bottle holder for refreshments.

Electric cutting deck

  • Electric motors individually control each blade for improved runtime and performance.

Power-Conserving savE™ Mode

  • SavE™ mode maximises the run time, reduces noise levels and preserves product battery life by lowering the rpm. Ideal for tasks that do not require full power. Just press the button to turn savE™ mode on and off.

Rear-wheel drive

  • Low center of gravity on the rear axle to optimize stability and grip in varying terrain.

5 Year Warranty

Extend your warranty period from the standard 2 Year Domestic Warranty to a 5 Year Domestic Warranty, with the purchase of a minimum quantity of genuine Husqvarna oil (either 1L, 2L or 4L) with the respective Husqvarna finished product, at the point of purchase. See the Husqvarna Warranty Page for full details. Note – this warranty extension applies to domestic use only; commercial warranties differ. Visit the Husqvarna Warranty Page or ask in-store for details.


Please download the Specifications – Rider Mowers PDF for detailed technical information on this model.

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