520iHT4 (Skin Only)
Professional Use - Telescopic Pole 4.5m Reach
Electric | 36V | 55cm Knife Length
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The Husqvarna 520iHT4 (Skin Only) is a high-capacity battery-powered telescopic pole hedge trimmer with up to 4.5 m reach, designed for professional use. Furthermore, this machine cuts wide, high and low hedges efficiently thanks to the length adjustable telescopic tube and angle adjustable cutter bar. Additionally, the cutter bar also folds easily for efficient transport and storage. Moreover, this machine combines market-leading performance with zero direct emissions, low weight, low vibration levels and extremely quiet operation, so you can use it in noise-sensitive environments. In addition, the rear impact guard protects the integrated battery to effectively prevent wear and damage. Finally, t he Husqvarna 520iHT4 (Skin Only) is part of the compatible with all Husqvarna BLi-batteries and chargers. Furthermore, the machine is weatherproof IPX 4.

  • Battery voltage – 36 V
  • Knife Length – 55 cm
  • Weight without battery = 5.5 kg

Price includes: Shoulder Strap.


Efficient brushless motor

  • Our in-house developed, advanced brushless motor is 25 % more efficient than a standard brush motor. This means that the motor provides a high and consistent torque.

Long reach

  • Moreover, the cutting bar design gives you a long reach, while still allowing you to work ergonomically.

Intuitive key pad

  • Furthermore, the key pad is very easy to operate.

Weatherproof (IPX4)

  • Additionally, this battery-powered Husqvarna machine fulfils the IPX4 classification for rain resistance. Moreover, this makes it a long-lasting and reliable tool to use all year round in all weather conditions.

Battery through body design

  • Moreover, the Smart battery pack position, placed horizontally through the body of the machine. Reduces the risk of having dirt, chips, dust and water accumulate in the battery compartment, causing connector issues. Also, it means the weight of the battery can be placed in or near the desired center of gravity and in the rotational axis of the product, resulting in increased maneuverability. Finally, the through body design also offers a high degree of flexibility since it allows battery packs of different sizes to be used.

Telescopic tube

  • The tube has a telescopic function for quick cutting height adjustment.

Angle adjustment

  • The angle adjustment enable ergonomic working positions when cutting both high and low hedges.

Cutting speed

  • The 4000 cuts per minute ensure great cutting results.

Impact guard

  • The rear-impact guard protects the integrated battery from wear and damage.


  • Choose between normal or savE™ mode, depending on conditions, for maximum power or maximum runtime. Either way, you’ll always get a perfect result.

Metal housing

  • Furthermore, the robust but very slimmed metal housing is one of many durable elements on the product. Designed to protect motor and gears.

Transport mode

  • Moreover, the Cutter bar is easy foldable into transport mode for a more compact size. Facilitates transport and storage.

Ergonomic handle

  • In addition, ergonomically shaped handle for greater comfort and easy access to the controls.

Convenient control

  • Convenient one hand grip to adjust the angle of the cutting deck.

Silent operation

  • The noise level from our battery machines are up to 13 dB(A) lower than a petrol machine – which is a huge difference. A reduction of 3 dB(A) is usually perceived as a halving of the noise level. This makes work a lot more pleasant for you – and also allows you to work in the most public of settings.

Lightweight and well balanced

  • Slimmed and ergonomic design makes it lightweight and well balanced – allowing you to work comfortably in all situations.

One battery fits all

  • The battery pack is designed for demanding, long lasting professional use. Designed for the products in our Battery Series line-up, which allows you to quickly switch the same battery between different product applications and keep working.

Low maintenance

  • No refilling of fuel, less parts to serve and an electronically controlled drive system means less downtime and low operation costs.

Gear up for nonstop operation

  • Our battery accessories allow you to carry on and get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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