1.5L Handheld Sprayer
Perfect For Spot Treatments Around The Garden
1.5L | Handle Pump | Adjustable Brass Nozzle
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Introducing the Husqvarna 1.5L Handheld Sprayer, perfect for spot treatments, the versatile sprayer can be an indispensable tool around your home or garden. Its innovative design is equipped with a pump built into the handle, offering both convenience and efficiency. A standout feature of this sprayer is the integrated pressure release valve, a valuable safety component. This valve allows you to release internal pressure before opening the sprayer for refilling, minimizing the risk of accidental chemical exposure and ensuring a hassle-free maintenance experience. Designed with practicality in mind, the sprayer features a weighted dip tube that enables you to spray from various angles. This design innovation maximizes chemical usage, letting you utilize every last drop in the tank without waste. Whether you need a focused stream, a wide cone, or a fine mist, the brass adjustable nozzle included with the sprayer covers all your spraying needs. Additionally, the two flat fan nozzles provide versatility for a wide range of applications, ensuring that no task is too challenging. A noteworthy feature enhancing the sprayer’s durability is the use of genuine Viton® seals. These seals offer exceptional resistance to chemicals, ensuring the sprayer’s longevity even when handling a variety of substances. This makes the sprayer a reliable companion for your long-term spraying needs.


  • Perfect for spot treatments, and can be used around the home or garden.
  • The pump is built into handle and features a pressure release valve allowing you to safely remove the internal pressure prior to opening the sprayer to refill.
  • Weighted dip tube allows you to spray at multiple angles and the ability to use up all of the chemical in the tank.
  • Includes a brass adjustable nozzle for stream, cone, or mist and two flat fans suitable for multiple applications.
  • Genuine Viton® seals for long-term resistance to chemicals

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Husqvarna 1.5L Handheld Sprayer