8L Handheld Sprayer
Versatile Sprayer Fitted With Genuine Viton Seals
8L | Steel Rod Compression Pump | 1.2m Hose
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Introducing the Husqvarna 8L Handheld Sprayer, the ultimate solution for versatile spraying needs, our Professional Sprayer sets the gold standard in lawn care, commercial cleaning, sanitizing, and chemical application. The Husqvarna 8L Handheld Sprayer is engineered for excellence, this sprayer boasts a range of features that guarantee efficiency and durability. Equipped with a premium commercial-grade shut-off, this sprayer offers a comfortable grip that minimizes fatigue during extended use. The lock-on feature ensures a continuous flow, while the easily cleanable, in-line filter keeps your spraying smooth and hassle-free. With Genuine Viton® seals incorporated throughout the pump and shut-off, this sprayer achieves unparalleled resistance to harsh chemicals, ensuring a long service life.


  • Professional sprayer designed for lawns, commercial cleaning, sanitising, and applying harsh chemicals.
  • Premium, commercial grade shut-off with comfortable grip; lock-on feature; and easy-to-clean, in-line filter
  • Genuine Viton® seals throughout the pump and shut-off for long-term resistance to chemicals
  • 1.2m reinforced PVC hose with 635mm stainless steel wand with poly liner.
  • Pressure release valve allows manual release of pressure for safe emptying prior to opening the tank and will also relieve excess pressure to prevent over-pressurising.
  • Tear-drop shaped tank provides low centre of gravity for maximum stability
  • Vertical wand storage with protective nozzle storage assist in securing the wand to the tank.
  • Includes a brass adjustable nozzle for stream, cone, or mist and two flat fans suitable for multiple applications.

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Husqvarna 8L Handheld Sprayer