EHD E Range
Cat 2 Slasher Built For Toughness & Value
3 Models | 1800–2970mm (71–117") | Suits 70–160hp
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Howard’s EHD E Series is a new model variant utilising the body and blade beam from the EHD series, together with a market-standard transmission (gearbox and friction clutch) to produce a competitively priced slasher. The EHDE maintains all the benefits of the EHD Series body, with good under-body clearance and the proven multi-leaf alloy spring steel blade beam. You can now have the legendary performance of an EHD, at a more price-conscious entry-level spec. Two pivoting rear wheels are included standard on the EHD 210E and EHD 300E, and are an option on the EHD 180E. Recommended for tractors up to 160hp.


Key Features

  • Clevis hitch mounting
  • Alloy spring-steel blade beam assembly
  • Galvanised 5mm body
  • Pivoting topmast and chain backstays
  • Body is reinforced with full-length tubular gussets on sides

Complies with the WorkCover Slasher Safety Guide:

  • Extended front and rear apron to protect against foot/blade contact
  • Front chains and rear debris guarding


  • Twin Rear Wheel Kit – included standard on EHD 210E and EHD 300E
  • Twin Rear Wheel Kit – option available on EHD 180E


EHD 180E – 1.8m Cutting Width EHD 210E – 2.1m Cutting Width EHD 300E – 2.97m Cutting Width


Please download the EHDE Range Spec Sheet for detailed technical information on this model. EHD 180E Product Code – HS-EHD180ES2 Cutting Width – 1.8m Tractor Power Required (Approximate) – 70-150hp Three Point Linkage – Cat 2 Weight – Approx. 675kg Optional Twin Rear Wheel Kit EHD 210E Product Code – HS-EHD210ES2 Cutting Width – 2.1m Tractor Power Required (Approximate) – 85-150hp Three Point Linkage – Cat 2 Weight – Approx. 920kg Twin Rear Wheel Kit included standard EHD 300E Product Code – HS-EHD300ES2 Cutting Width – 2.97m Tractor Power Required (Approximate) – 100-160hp Three Point Linkage – Cat 2 Weight – Approx. 1150kg Twin Rear Wheel Kit included standard

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