Snake S2
New Model! Designed For Sports Turf & Golf Courses
2 Models | 3234–3985mm (127–157") | Suits 50–70hp
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Snake Series 2 – Building on Greatness

The Trimax Snake Turf Mower is the accumulation of over 35 years of Trimax innovation, engineering and customer insight. Suitable for compact tractors 35hp and above the Snake has been designed specifically for sports turf and golf courses and is used on some of the most prestigious golf courses around the world.

The Snake Series 2 features new improvements such as the Trimax LocTEK Roller Retention System for even easier maintenance and is now available in both 3.2m and 4m cut widths to suit your application. Trimax Snake owners benefit from a proven 3 year warranty and genuine Trimax support. Built for agility, and incredibly robust, the Trimax Snake S2 won’t fail to impress.


Articulation Ability

  • With three articulating decks the Snake has the ability to follow contours with minimal scalping.

Zero Turn

  • Continuous cutting while turning for areas such as headlands, tight spaces and around trees.

LocTEK Stubless Roller Retention System

  • For vastly improved roller retention, alignment, bearing life and minimal maintenance.

QuickLift Temporary Deck Lift

  • Enables all three mower decks to be raised just off the ground without disengaging the PTO. This improves productivity by allowing the mower to traverse gravel driveways, paths or kerbs.

Full Width 5mm Heavy Duty Rollers Rollers

  • Minimise scalping in extreme undulating conditions and mow over kerbs, bunkers and potholes without blade strike.

Automatic Belt Tensioners

  • Eliminate the need for belt adjustments and improve drive to the spindles and blades.


  • Snake is fitted with Trimax LazerBladez™, a blade system with a carefully engineered centre of gravity and distinctive tilt-forward blade design unique to Trimax. Utilising the LazerBladez™ full length cutting edge, Snake produces a clean finish even when mowing at high ground speeds. LazerBladez™ are made with high grade alloy steel providing a significant increase in blade and bolt life for added safety and lower operating costs.

Easy Height Adjustment

  • Clearly displayed stainless steel height indicators allow the easy adjustment of cut heights without having to raise or lower the wings.

Low Maintenance

  • SteadFast™ Sealed Spindles have eliminated the tedious task of regular greasing. Snake now also features maintenance-free pivot bushes.

3 Year Warranty

  • We aim to build mowers that last and we back this up by a 3 year warranty which also includes the spindles and gearboxes. Our robust design, coupled with our experienced service and support network ensure minimum downtime and more productivity.

Product Options

Road Kit

  • The Snake Road Kit option adds mudguards to the wheels and includes LED tail light clusters for increased safety during road transportation.

Remote Unlock

  • The Snake Remote Unlock option replaces the standard transport lock release rope with an electric actuator. This is operated by a push and release button on the tractor.

Anti-Wear Skids

  • Reduces wear on side channels, also eliminates ‘scalping’ when mowing on uneven turf and stops mower decks from bouncing when mowing at high speeds.


Damien Curtis – The Kings School, Parramatta NSW:
“I wanted an efficient mower that was also cost-effective and able to give a really good quality cut. The machine is really easy for our guys to maintain and that helps when we don’t have a full-time mechanic.”

Cory Phillipos – Equipment Manager, Golf Club Of Georgia
“The Snake mowers are above and beyond when it comes to quality of cut. The cut quality is in fact better than the self contained mowers we demo’d. We really put it through some rough stuff here, and it preforms well.”

Brian Buckner – Superintedent, Golf Club Of Houston
“It was obvious pretty quick that with the Snake we could not only save a lot of labor but provide a better quality of cut. It’s is so versatile, we can use it to mow rough and we can use it to mow fairways.”


Snake S2 320
Snake S2 400


Snake S2 320
Cutting Width – 3234mm (127″)
Overall Width – 3372mm (133″)
Overall Length – 3100mm (122″)
Transport Length – 2050mm (81″)
Transport Height – 1860mm (73″)
Cut Height Range – 10–100mm (3/8” – 4”)
No. Of Blade Spindles – 9
Approx. Weight – 1280kg
Min. Tractor HP – 35hp
Recommended HP – 50–60hp
Warranty (Years) – 3

Snake S2 400
Cutting Width – 3985mm (157″)
Overall Width – 4110mm (162″)
Overall Length – 3575mm (141″)
Transport Length – 3140mm (124″)
Transport Height – 2232mm (88″)
Cut Height Range – 10 – 100mm (3/8” – 4”)
No. Of Blade Spindles – 11
Approx. Weight – 1580kg
Min Tractor HP – 40hp
Recommended HP – 60–70hp
Warranty (Years) – 3

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