The Trimax Heavy Duty Flail Mulcher Mower
3 Models | 1730–2296mm (69–91") | Suits 40hp+
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A high-utility heavy duty powerhouse! Tough enough for roadsides, efficient enough for open space management, and versatile enough to handle everything in between, the Trimax Force is the multitool mower you need to produce a pristine cut and superior finish in almost any application. Strong and adaptable flail mower with a wide range of options available for configuring and customising your machine, the Trimax Force can be tailored to perfectly suit all your mowing and mulching needs.


3 Year Warranty

  • We build mowers that last and they’re supported with a 3 year industry leading warranty.

Mow and Mulch with One Machine

  • Mow grass to a fine finish and mulch prunings up to 90 mm in diameter with one machine.

Discharge Control

  • Coarseness of mulch is controlled by the height of the rear flap, fully open for easy service access.

Smooth Profile

  • New internal rotor bearings create a smooth external profile and provide a closer cut around obstacles.

Robust Roller

  • Replaceable robust roller with 5mm-thick walls for tough applications.

Pruning Guide

  • Helps direct prunings and other foliage into the front aperture of the mower.

Low Maintenance

  • Easily accessible grease locations and maintenance-free features for simple servicing.

Maintenance – Free Roller Bearings

  • New highly-rated sealed roller bearings require no regular greasing.

Replaceable Skids

  • Wear skids on trailing arms prolong mower life in demanding terrain.

Replaceable Internal Liner

  • A 6mm (1/4″) replaceable internal liner reduces noise and increases mower life.

Product Options

Heavy Duty Roller

  • Upgrade from the 5mm thick roller to a roller with 11mm wall thickness. Suitable for more demanding applications.

Heavy Duty Liner

  • Increase the life of your replaceable internal liner by three times with a heavy-duty internal liner, suitable for high wear applications.

Front Mount

  • Available in front mount three-point linkage configuration for increased visibility. Suitable for tractors with front PTO drive only.

Left Hand or Right Hand Offset

  • Force can be configured with a left-hand or right-hand offset for increased over-the-shoulder visibility in special applications. Left-hand offset is recommended for roadside use. (Available only for 175, 205, and 235.)

Storage and lighting Kit

  • The Storage & Lighting Kit mounts a toolbox, LED road lights and safety triangle to the Force for commercial use.

Roller Scrapers

  • Trimax roller scrapers operate with reduced tension but apply a constant pressure across the roller to assist with the cleaning of debris.

Hydraulic Side Shift

  • Position directly behind the tractor or quickly offset by up to 500mm (19″) for easy transport and increased manoeuvrability. (Available only for 175, 205, and 235.


Force 175 Force 205 Force 235


Force 175 Cutting Width – 1730mm (68 1/8″) Overall Width – 2022mm (79 5/8″) Overall Length – 1149mm (45 1/4″) Cut Height Range – 0- 60mm (0- 2 3/8″) Approx. Weight – 785 kg (1730 lb) Minimum PTO Output – 40hp Flails – 24 Hydraulic Side Shift – Yes Force 205 Cutting Width – 2017mm (79 3/8″) Overall Width – 2310mm (91″) Overall Length – 1149mm (45 1/4″) Cut Height Range – 0- 60mm (0- 2 3/8″) Approx. Weight – 845 kg (1863 lb) Minimum PTO Output – 44hp Flails – 28 Hydraulic Side Shift – Yes Force 235 Cutting Width – 2296mm (90 3/8″) Overall Width – 2588mm (101 7/8″) Overall Length – 1149mm (45 1/4″) Cut Height Range – 0- 60mm (0- 2 3/8″) Approx. Weight – 900 kg (1984 lb) Minimum PTO Output – 49hp Flails – 32 Hydraulic Side Shift – Yes

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