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The Selecta 12V DieselPower transfer units are available from 100L to 400L capacity. Tanks are made from a diesel grade polyethylene that are impact resistant and UV stabilised. Proven and reliable Selecta DieselPower pumps are the heart of this rugged product.


Diesel Transfer Equipment

Key Features

  • 12V DieselPower Self-priming pump
  • 40 L/Min open flow
  • High quality auto shut-off nozzle
  • Strong double walled lockable pump cover (padlock incl.) protects the pump and tank breather from unwanted access (100, 200 and 400L)
  • Lockable filling cap with 2 keys (100, 200 and 400L)
  • Suction foot screen filter on internal suction line
  • 4m of 3/4” delivery hose with swivel and crimped fittings
  • 4m wiring harness with alligator clips
  • 30 min duty cycle, 30 min on/off
  • Baffled tank (300 and 400L)
  • Low profile design (100, 200 & 400L)
  • SquatPak design (300L)


SQDN100-1 (100L)
SQDN200-7 (200L)
SQD300-7 (300L)
SQDN400-7 (400L)

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