Kubota's Best - Diesel Power, Side Or Rear Discharge
Fab Deck | ROPS | 29.1hp | 72" (183cm) Cut Width
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Productivity is the name of the game when you mow with Kubota’s rugged ZD Series. Moreover, the Kubota ZD Series has a powerful 19hp, 25hp or 29hp Kubota diesel engine and a quality Kubota hydrostatic transmission. Furthermore, choose between the 54″, 60″ or 72″ side discharge Kubota Prodeck, with its advanced airflow – maximising design, or a 60″ or 72″ rear discharge deck, which features steel reinforcement for extra durability. Moreover, all models feature hands-free hydraulic deck lift, on-the-go cutting height adjustment, and sheer grunt when you need it most. Finally, you can count on the Kubota ZD Series to take on the toughest mowing jobs with ease. Additionally, for full specifications and a better look at the ZD Series, please download the brochure.



  • Moreover, all members of the ZD Series have a liquid cooled Kubota 3 cylinder diesel engine, renowned for their durability, high performance, energy efficiency and reliability.
  • Additionally, the ZD Series takes on heavy mowing jobs for extended periods with exceptional fuel efficiency, high torque, quiet operation and reduced emissions.
  • Thus, Kubota’s original hydrostatic transmission offers faster, smoother response under all loading conditions. Besides, except for an occasional fluid change, the hermetically sealed structure requires no maintenance and has no belts to change.
  • Moreover, Kubota hydraulic lift system allows you to easily elevate the mower deck and roll right over obstacles with a simple push of the pedal. Furthermore, a special one-touch lock allows you to keep the deck raised for transportation.
  • In addition, without drive belts and pulleys, the drive shaft smoothly transfers power from the engine to the mower deck. Shaft drive also requires less maintenance and provides greater dependability.

Mower Deck – Side Discharge Models

  • Heavy duty 54″, 60″ or 72″ Kubota ProDecks with Aerodynamic Cutting System (ACS).
  • ACS maximizes cutting performance with smoother airflow and more powerful rotation.
  • 6″ deep, double V-belt deck features a unique baffling system that improves airflow to discharge grass clippings, and an anti-overflow system that reduces grass spillage for a well-manicured look.
  • Flexible yet sturdy discharge cover helps prevent damage to shrubs and landscaping.

Mower Deck – Rear Discharge Models

  • Steel reinforced 60″ or 72″ rear discharge mower delivers exceptional performance. The professional 5.5″ deep deck helps to achieve a fast and clean cut even in tall grass or weeds.
  • Rear discharge model is ideal near streets, schools and parks. It also offers the operator greater control in confined spaces.
  • Moreover, the rear discharge deck has a 1″ diameter steel rods on the skirt which increases durability and longevity. Reinforcements are easily replaceable if damaged or worn.


  • Cushioned high back suspension seat with adjustable, padded armrests makes for a more comfortable ride. The adjustable seat also features an attached seatbelt for your protection.
  • The large LCD screen (all models except ZD1011) shows all of the key indicators you need to maximize cutting performance and operability.
  • Spacious operator platform built with uncluttered floor board for ample legroom.


  • Seat panel lifts up for quick access to the HST.
  • The maintenance hatch on the operator platform makes upper mower access a snap. All three hatches have the option to open at the same time. A dual-element air cleaner is also included.
  • Kubota’s innovative two-pin, tilt-up, lift feature allows the front to be easily raised without having to remove the mid-mount mower.

Optional Attachments

“Catch All” 2-Bag Style Grass Catcher

  • This large capacity catcher allows you to mow longer over a larger area without stopping as often to empty clippings. For the quick removal of grass clippings, the lid is simply unlocked and the bag slides out.

“Catch All” Hopper Style Grass Catcher (all models except ZD1011)

  • Features large 402L capacity, with an integrated handle to allow the operator to dump the mowed grass while seated. Quick and easy to attach and detach.

Advanced Mulching System Kit

  • The deep mower deck of the Kubota Z-Series is perfect for mulching, even in thick grass. A Kubota original baffle has been added to the closed-system design to optimize airflow and facilitate repeated cutting. The mulching blades are designed to provide an extra-fine cut, leaving a beautiful finish.

Operator Controlled Discharge Chute

  • The discharge chute cover over the grass clippings outlet can be opened and closed with single lever, letting you temporarily shut the outlet to avoid sending clippings onto flowerbeds or roads.

Hitch Kit

  • With optional hitch kit, the ZD Series can tow a trailer or cart carrier for transporting a blower, trimmer, fertilize, or other work supplies.

Mulch Kit and Work Lights also available for all models.


ZD1011- 54″ Cutting Width, Side Discharge, 19hp ZD1211 – 60″ Cutting Width, Side Discharge, 25hp ZD1221R – 60″ Cutting Width, Rear Discharge, 29hp ZD1221L – 72″ Cutting Width, Side Discharge, 29hp ZD1221RL – 72″ Cutting Width, Rear Discharge, 29hp


Please download the brochure to see specifications for all of the models in the range.

Manufacturer’s Website

Kubota – www.kubota.com.au

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