New! Features Hydraulic Tip Tray and 50km/h Speed
3 Seater | Diesel | 24hp (17.9kW)
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A fully featured, tough and reliable UTV, the Kioti K9 has a 3-cylinder, 24hp engine and 2 speed CVT transmission. It makes for a great companion for any job. The K9 has a ground speed of up to 50km/h, 37 fuel tank, 3 or 5 seat capacity, hydraulic power steering and independent double arm wishbone suspension. One features that sets the K9 apart from the competition is the hydraulic tip tray, which has a cargo capacity of 500kg and a generous cargo bed measuring 1100mm long x 1480 mm wide and 293mm high. The K9 also has an updated digital dashboard that is now situated in front of the driver rather than off to the side.


Key Features:

K9 2400 UTV

  • Includes Hydraulic Tilt Tray
  • 24 HP Kioti diesel engine
  • 2 range CVT transmission 50 KPH
  • Safety doors
  • 3 seater with seat belts

K9 2440 UTV

  • Includes Hydraulic Tilt Tray
  • 24 HP Kioti diesel engine
  • 2 range CVT transmission 50 KPH
  • Safety doors
  • 3 seater with seat belts

Hydraulic Cargo Bed

  • With a 1480mm-wide cargo bed and a 500kg load capacity, the K9 provides excellent payload capabilities. Plus, hydraulic tipping allows labour-free, push-button unloading, wherever you want it.

Front and Rear Hitch Receiver

  • With the standard front and rear hitch receivers you can attach and pull trailers as well as implements that are receiver equipped.

Bench Seat

  • New contoured bench seat comfortably seats three. Three seat belts come standard.

Standard Instrument Cluster

  • Speedometer, hour meter, fuel gauge, coolant temperature gauge and turn signal indicators are standard.

Differential Lock

  • Limited slip differential on the front, mechanically actuated differential for the rear and standard four-wheel drive allows the K9 to pull heavy loads and handle the most rugged terrain.

Adjustable Suspension

  • With adjustable wishbone type suspension in the front and rear you can choose the ride for your intended terrain.


  • The K9 uses a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and has a time proven Daedong gearbox with 2 speeds (Hi/Lo) and 4WD.

Under Hood Storage

  • Convenient under hood storage compartment.

Brake System

  • Long lasting front and rear hydraulic disc brakes with a mechanical parking brake provide excellent performance and safety.


  • The Daedong 24hp (17.89kW) diesel engine has been field proven for durability and dependability while offering improved fuel economy.

Brush Guard

  • The heavy-duty steel brush guard offers extra protection for the headlights, radiator and hood from rocks, tough brush and other debris.

Dash Board with In Dash Storage

  • An ergonomically designed dash features controls and instruments that allow the driver to view or access critical functions and an open and closed storage area.

Power & USB Sockets

  • Power & USB sockets come standard on the K9 to meet a variety of electrical needs.

Hydraulic Power Steering

  • True hydraulic-assisted rack & pinion power steering comes standard on the 2400 delivering smooth and responsive handling.

Optional Equipment

A range of optional accessories for the K9 are available, including:

  • Safety glass canopy/windshields (with wipers)
  • Remote hydraulic utility valve kit
  • Steel skid plates
  • Rear screen
  • Side mirrors
  • Back up alarm
  • Beacon lamps


K9 2400 K9 2440


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