John Berends Implements
Planetary Drive Hydraulic Down Pressure Model
Hydraulically Driven In Both Auger And Down Pressure
Fits Most Machines With A Two Way Flow Aux Circuit
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Please note that any prices shown for post hole diggers do not include an auger


The John Berends Implements Planetary Drive Hydraulic Down Pressure Model Post Hole Digger solution for a wide range of machines, or for those operators looking for a safer method of post hole digging with their tractor. Moreover, the John Berends Implements Planetary Drive Hydraulic Down Pressure Model Post Hole Digger is safer than a regular post hole digger as it eliminates the need for a PTO shaft. No clutch is required, and the gearbox can also be operated anti-clockwise simply by reversing the oil flow. This unit can be fitted to most machines that have a two-way flow auxiliary circuit, such as skid-steers and front end loaders. (Please note we do not supply mounting brackets for these set-ups.) This model features a heavy duty European Planetary Drive Gearbox, with an impressive five year warranty. Two sets of remotes are required, and the unit is fitted with 0.5″ double braid Ryco hoses with 20,300psi burst pressure. Like the regular Hydraulic Down Pressure model, the 2.5″ x 8″ hydraulic ram transfers approximately 1000kg of weight from the tractor onto the auger, which is ideal for penetrating hard ground. This version also uses augers 4″ to 24″ in diameter, and the dig depth is the same maximum of 1200mm (if ground conditions permit). Optional auger extensions are also available. The digger features an easy to adjust stabilizer mounting stand, allowing the unit to be connected and disconnected from the machine for storage with little effort. A range of augers are available, in 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″, 15″, 18″ and 24″ sizes. All augers are 1200mm long. All augers are fitted with a Pengo Boring Head, with replaceable earth teeth at 35° angles and bolt on pilots. All augers have a double cutting head. Optional teeth and pilots are available to suit various ground conditions. Conversion heads are available in most sizes to mount onto older augers (either in clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation). In excessively hard conditions, a heavier Trimax auger is also available, which consists of a complete cast steel head with teeth set at a more aggressive 45° angle. The Trimax auger is also fitted with a Tri-flow pilot which is more effective in guiding the auger and therefore stabilising the tip in hard conditions. There is less pitch on the 6mm flights which allows for an easy flow of dirt from the hole.


Digging footings for fencing and construction, holes for tree planting and landscaping


Key Features

  • Heavy duty European planetary drive gearbox with 5 year warranty
  • No PTO shaft required
  • Fits to most machines with a two way flow auxiliary circuit
  • Gearbox can be operated anti-clockwise
  • 2.5″ x 8″ hydraulic ram
  • Quality 0.5″ double braid Ryco hoses
  • Strong 6mm tube main boom
  • Digs to a maximum 4′ (1200mm) depth if ground conditions permit
  • Suitable for augers 4″ to 24″ in diameter
  • Transport chain standard
  • Adjustable stand for easy mounting to tractor

Optional Upgrade

  • Auger extensions


0260 – Planetary Drive Post Hole Digger with Hydraulic Down Pressure 0279 – 4” Auger (1.2m Long) 0265 – 6” Auger (1.2m Long) 0267 – 8” Auger (1.2m Long) 0269 – 10” Auger (1.2m Long) 0271 – 12” Auger (1.2m Long) 0273 – 15” Auger (1.2m Long) 0275 – 18” Auger (1.2m Long) 0277 – 24” Auger (1.2m Long)


Planetary Drive Hydraulic Down Pressure Post Hole Digger Torque – 2,452Nm Oil Flow Range – 27-75L/min Max Pressure – 205 Bar Net weight less auger – 150kg


12 months against faulty materials or workmanship 5 years on planetary gearbox

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