John Berends Implements
Grow-Master Aerators
Aerate, Cultivate & Oversow With 8" ShatterTines
12 Models | 1000mm - 4000mm Working Widths
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The John Berends Implements Grow-Master Aerators can turn your tired, lifeless soils into productive and high yielding pastures. Moreover, the specially designed tines shatter the compact ground, increasing the absorption of water and air which in turn encourages root growth. Furthermore, this versatile implement will aerate, cultivate and renovate your soils. Moreover, the patented Shatter Tines are 8” long and have a slight twist in them which cracks the ground in a sideways and downwards motion. This allows water, air and nutrients to move readily through the soil profile, making them more available for plant roots and providing a superior finish to conventional straight tines. Moreover, the John Berends Implements Grow-Master Aerators is fitted with double rollers which are angled in opposite directions. As a result, this reduces sideway drag on the tractor when ground engaging. Furthermore, each roller can be adjusted for various degrees of angle from 2.5° to a maximum of 10° (four positions). Additionally, the maximum offset position is the most aggressive and is most often used for cultivation and for over-sowing new pasture seed. Ballast weight added to the frame will ensure that the tines are buried down to the hub. The Grow-Master is available in 1m, 1.2m, 1.4m, 1.6m, 1.8m, 2m, 2.4m, 2.8m, 3.2m, 3.6m and 4m working widths, in a range of single, double and quad rotor configurations. Horsepower requirement is quite low, with a minimum of only 35Hp required for the 2m unit. A tow hook is mounted on the back for dragging pasture harrows. Harrow carriers are also available on request.


Agricultural aeration, cultivation and renovation


  • Cat 1 and 2 linkage
  • Low horsepower requirement
  • Double rollers allow machine to be angled for more aggressive cultivation
  • Two bolt gang adjustment to alter rotor angle
  • Heavy duty 2” triple sealed bearings
  • Large floor plate deck for carrying ballast (weight)
  • Easy adjust mounting stands
  • Made In Australia


0161 – Grow-Master 1000 – Single Rotor 0163 – Grow-Master 1200 – Single Rotor 0164 – Grow-Master 1400 – Single Rotor 0165 – Grow-Master 1600 – Single Rotor 0173 – Grow-Master 1600 – Double Rotor 0166 – Grow-Master 1800 – Single Rotor 0175 – Grow-Master 2000 – Double Rotor 0176 – Grow-Master 2400 – Double Rotor 0177 – Grow-Master 2800 – Double Rotor 0178 – Grow-Master 3200 – Double Rotor 0186 – Grow-Master 3600 – Double Rotor 0187 – Grow-Master 4000 – Four Rotor Various harrow carriers, trailing models and seeder boxes are also available upon request.


12 months on design and manufacture

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