John Berends Implements
Front End Loader Silage Fork
Two Conus II Tines With 1100mm Tine Length
Uses the Eurohitch (Global) Mounting System
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The John Berends Implements Front End Loader Silage Fork is Australian made and designed attachment is suited to front end loaders fitted with the Eurohitch (Global) system.


  • Easily pierces into tight silage
  • 1100mm tine length at a fixed 600mm centre
  • European straight Conus II bolt on tines with eccentric nut
  • Eurohitch connections are mounted so that forks can be crowded back a minimum of 30°
  • Tine tensile strength is 150kp/mm²
  • Maximum load of tine is 15,500N at 600mm distance from mounting sleeve
  • Made in Australia using quality European tines
  • Load Rating tested to 1100kg (AS2359) at 600mm load centres
  • Extra tines available on request


0299 – Front End Loader Silage Forks – 1100mm


Fork Length – 1100mm Fork width – 600mm centres Overall Weight – 88kg Overall Height – 960mm Overall Width – 1120mm Lift Capacity – 1100kg at 600mm load centres


12 months on design and manufacture

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