John Berends Implements
Cyclomatic High Body Range
Heavy Duty Flail For High Density Vegetation
3 Models | 1750–2350mm (69–93") | Suits 57–115hp
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The John Berends Implements Cyclomatic High Body Range are a multi-purpose, heavy duty mulching mowers – ideal for a variety of mulching applications. This product is perfect for rejuvenating old pastures, to cutting up prunings, gorse bush and scrub up to 50mm in diameter. The John Berends Implements Cyclomatic High Body Range is designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions. The high body range features a faster blade tip speed (235km/h) than the low body range (200km/h). The high body range also features a unique, internal adjustable mulching bar, letting you control the fineness of the mulching material. The large adjustable back flap can also be completely opened to allow quick release of material, which is especially useful in heavy vegetation. Hydraulic side shift is available as an option, allowing you to move the mulcher up to 230mm in either direction. All mulchers are completely made in house at John Berends Implements, including the balancing of the rotors. Constructed from a thick high tensile rotor tube, there is the option of either hardened steel Y blades or cast iron T hammers (flails). The Y blades are standard, and the more durable of the two blades whilst the optional T hammers provide a cleaner finish which may be required for sports grounds, golf courses or vineyards. T hammers will take up to 1/3rd more HP to operate. The Cyclomatic range features a heavy duty 85HP Italian oil bath gearbox, with a Series 7 Italian PTO Driveshaft with optional over-run clutch (this clutch in standard on the 2400 model). Different models in the range have either 3 or 4 belts, to lessen shock loads. They are fitted using taper lock pullies for ease of maintenance. Adjustable rear roller and wheels for depth control are available as an option.


Continuous heavy duty slashing, especially contractor work


Key Features – Large adjustable back flap that can completely open – Adjustable internal mulching bar to control fineness of discharge – Adjustable Cat 1 & 2 linkages with floating top link position for undulating ground – Heavy duty 85HP Italian oil bath gearbox – Series 7 Italian PTO Driveshaft – 235km/h blade tip speed – 168 x 11mm rotor size – Heavy duty 2” bearings with taper lock centres and dust protection plate – Anti-wire rotor guard Optional Upgrades – Hydraulic side shift – Adjustable rear roller and wheels for depth control – T hammers (flails) – Run over clutch (1800 and 2100 models only)


0123 – Cyclomatic High Body 1800 (6’) Offset Mulching Mower 0151 – Cyclomatic High Body 1800 (6’) Centre Line Mulching Mower 0121 – Cyclomatic High Body 2100 (7’) Offset Mulching Mower 0155 – Cyclomatic High Body 2100 (7’) Centre Line Mulching Mower 0127 – Cyclomatic High Body 2400 (8’) Centre Line Mulching Mower


Cyclomatic High Body 1800 Cutting Width – 1750mm Overall Width – 2000mm Tractor Power Required (Approximate) – 57-86hp Weight – 660kg Number of Y Blades – 40 Number of Tee Hammers (flails) – 20 Alignment (adjustable) – Offset/Centre Cyclomatic High Body 2100 Cutting Width – 2050mm Overall Width – 2300mm Tractor Power Required (Approximate) – 67-100hp Weight – 750kg Number of Y Blades – 48 Number of Tee Hammers (flails) – 24 Alignment (adjustable) – Offset/Centre Cyclomatic High Body 2400 Cutting Width – 2350mm Overall Width – 2600mm Tractor Power Required (Approximate) – 76-115hp Weight – 800kg Number of Y Blades – 56 Number of Tee Hammers (flails) – 28 Alignment (adjustable) – Centre


12 months on design and manufacture 5 years on gearbox

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