LC247i Lawn Mower (Skin Only)
New! Push Mower - Quiet, Efficient Battery Mowing
Electric | 36V | 18" (47cm) Cutting Width
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The Husqvarna LC247i Lawn Mower (Skin Only) is a battery lawn mower with increased cutting width and dual battery slots, compatible with all Husqvarna batteries for increased convenience, cost-effectiveness and runtime. Furthermore, this machine is quiet and offers efficient smoke-free operation with zero direct emissions. The Husqvarna LC247i Lawn Mower (Skin Only) ergonomic design includes intuitive keypad, simple height adjustment and easy manoeuvring. This battery lawn mower has a large cutting width so you can take care of medium-sized lawns easily and efficiently. Adjustable handle, easy to reach bail and quick and easy cutting height adjustment offer great ergonomics. The handle and collecting bag fold flat for better storage, and front and rear handles help with lifting. Features the SavE™ mode for a great cut with less energy, and PowerBoost to handle thicker grass. Compatible with our 36V battery system. Moreover, this machine offers self-drive for easier mowing of medium-sized lawns. Finally, did you know about the Husqvarna Bluetooth connectivity? The Bluetooth connectivity provides user with product data and information and enables more efficient servicing.

  • Drive system – Self-propelled, Rear wheel drive
  • Cutting width – 47 cm
  • Battery type – Li-Ion
  • Battery voltage – 36 V


Please download the Specifications – Lawn Mowers PDF for detailed technical information on this model.

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Husqvarna LC247i Lawn Mower



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