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The Specialist Deutz-Fahr has been one of Europe’s leading suppliers of specialist tractors for decades. The Agroplus V/F/S Series of tractors offers specialist farmers three minimum widths: V – 1110 mm; S – 1220 mm; and F – 1510 mm. For the Australian market, the F series is stocked as a standard model; however, if operators require a narrower model the V and S variants can be ordered from the factory. With unique design requirements needed for the specialist grower, the Agroplus V/F/S series is ideal for fruit growers and vineyards looking for a compact and powerful tractor.


Engine that Develop Power

  • This range of tractors can be supplied from 85 hp to 106 hp engines, designed compact in size but big on features. A 4 cylinder turbocharges diesel engine equipped with intercooler gives optimum torque and power from 1600 rpm, a figure targeted by engineers, as the tractor’s economy speed PTO runs at this engine rpm, thereby resulting in better efficiencies.

Cruise Control

  • The cruise control or engine speed programming features enables the operator to set and retrieve an engine speed with the press of a button. This has two benefits: first, and most important, is the ECU is governing the fuel to the engine depending on load at all times, resulting in better fuel consumption compared to mechanically controlled versions; and, secondly, the ease of retrieving your engine rpm when to the row guarantees the right PTO and engine rpm setting at all times.

Gearbox Options

  • With a specialist tractor, speed options are vital depending upon the task and conditions. This range can be equipped with a wet clutch Powershuttle or synchro shuttle spec, plus the choice of either 30/15 speed gearbox with mechanical splitter or a 45/45 gearbox equipped with a 3 speed powershift. All transmissions are equipped with a 40km/h eco feature whereby engine revs are lowered at full speed.

Push Button PTO

  • All Agroplus V/F/S tractors are equipped with an independent wet clutch PTO. Engaging the smooth start PTO is simple – just the touch of a button. The PTO is also direct drive, resulting in minimal power loss from engine to PTO shaft. All tractors are standard with 540 and 540 economy speeds, and customers can equip their tractor with a 1000 speed also if required.

Cabin Options

  • The letters of the series define the width of the tractor, with F being the widest at 1510mm, S at 1220mm and V at 1110mm. The most critical point, especially when operating in orchards, is the width of the roof, and all models have a width of 1048mm. The spacious cabins are equipped with air-conditioner, air seat, multi-function digital dash, ergonomic controls and carbon filters. Also available as an option is a low profile cabin with an overall height of 1920mm.

Spacious Operating Area

  • When sitting in the cabin of the Agroplus it feels like a normal sized tractor. Equipped with a one piece door, the cabin’s normal B pillar is removed, allowing increased internal space. All cabins are equipped with an air seat as standard, along with finishing touches such as MP3 Bluetooth radio player, drink bottle holder and a high capacity air-conditioning system to keep you cool at all times.

Tight Turning Circle

  • A tight turning circle is achieved by a sculptured front axle. Unlike some other manufacturers, Deutz-Fahr keeps their systems simple to achieve the best turning circle, resulting in less upkeep and maintenance to the front axle. Turning circles of 3.4m can be achieved (tyre equipment depending), allowing operators to successfully manoeuvre in tight headland.

Hydraulic Options

  • As a vineyard, orchardist or any type of specialist grower, hydraulic functionality and capacities are vital. The Agroplus models brought into Australia are equipped with three sets of rear remotes with a flow regulator; however, if this is not enough a tractor with front mounted remotes that can be duplicated front rear, or have separate functionality with mechanical and electronic options, can be ordered. Deutz-Fahr will have the solution.

Full PTO Functionality

  • PTO equipment on the Agroplus V/F/S does not fall short either; 540 and 1000 rpm and the economy PTO 540E are standard. Start-up is modulated, protecting both the attached implement and the drivetrain of the tractor. Front PTO and front powerlift available on request, delivering 1000 rpm.


F410 DT – 85hp, Dry Clutch F430 GS – 106hp, Wet Clutch


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