Stealth FM
The Front Mounted Version Of The Stealth
1 Model | 3400mm (134") | Suits Tractors 55hp+
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The front mounted version of our ever-popular linkage mounted Stealth mower. This multi-spindled rotary wing mower is ideal for large areas and has a 3.4m cutting width. It folds to tractor width for safe road transport and with the wings folded up, it has a width of just 2.4m. The ‘V’ shape ensures the weight is kept near the tractor.

Well proven by professional users in international markets, many contractors have realised the worthwhile gain in productivity after changing to the front mounted version.


3 Year Warranty

  • We aim to build mowers that last and we back this up with a 3 year warranty which also includes the spindles and gearboxes. Our robust design coupled with our experienced service and support network ensure minimum downtime and more productivity.


  • With Trimax’s unique CLAWS (Controlled Link Active Wing-bounce Suppression) system, wing movement can be damped to hold the wings in contact with the ground when mowing large flat areas or set to allow unrestricted float over undulating ground without bouncing.

Anti-Scalp Protection

  • Front roller and wing skids provide anti-scalp protection on undulating terrain. Additionally the wing blade system is fitted with anti-scalp discs.


  • Stealth FM is fitted with Trimax LazerBladez™, a blade system with a carefully engineered centre of gravity and distinctive tilt-forward blade design unique to Trimax. Utilising the LazerBladez™ full length cutting edge, Stealth FM produces a clean finish even when mowing at high ground speeds. LazerBladez™ are made with high grade alloy steel providing a significant increase in blade and bolt life for added safety and lower operating costs.

Product Options

Dual Or Individual Wing Lift

  • Individual wing lift feature to lift either the left or right decks independently.

Roller Scrapers

  • Trimax Helical scrapers ensure constant pressure on the roller and assist with cleaning.


  • 540 or 1000rpm in clockwise or counterclockwise rotation.


Stealth FM
Cutting Width – 3400mm (135″)
Overall Width – 3600mm (142″)
Width (Transport Mode) – 2400mm (94″)
Height (Transport Mode) – 1300mm (51″)
Cut Height Range – 12-115mm (1/2″ – 4/2″)
No. of Blade Spindles – 5
Approx Weight – 790kg
Minimum Tractor Size – 65hp
Warranty (Years) – 3

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