Rotorake TM1000 Tractor Mounted Scarifier
Combined Dethatcher And Aerator With Collection
1000mm Working Width | Interchangeable Reels
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A specially designed tractor mounted unit with a choice of five quick release interchangeable reels to aid the removal and control of thatch and help to reduce standing surface water by improving water infiltration.

Features include a contra rotating reel for a clean consistent performance with a selection of various blades to suit key tasks.

The weight of the collection box and material is carried by the main frame on the front roller and independent from the reel, so when in use the additional weight does not force the reel to scarify deeper than has been set.


  • Floating unit to follow ground contours
  • Fast ground coverage
  • Interchangeable blades and optional variable spacing allows key tasks such as scarifying, linear aeration, verticutting, and brushing to be carried out
  • Quick release reel system
  • No tool depth setting for fast, simple adjustment
  • Contra rotating reels ensure a clean consistent groove
  • Standard Cat 1 three point linkage
  • When used without collection box, scarifying unit can be offset so that wheels do not run over the removed thatch

Product Options

  • Hydraulic Tipping Kit


1mm Light Scarifying/Thatch Removal Reel

  • 1mm replaceable, wear resistant tungsten tipped blades (12mm spacing) can be used throughout the season.

2mm Scarifying/Thatch Removal Reel

  • 2mm replaceable, wear resistant tungsten tipped blades (20mm spacing). Ideal for pre & post playing season renovation work.

Brush Reel

  • Used throughout the year for debris collection and clean up. Also used prior to mowing to stand grasses up and improve cut quality.

Faze-Mo Reel

  • Heavy duty reel used for removing unwanted surface matter such as thatch and weeds and surface levelling.

3mm Scarifying/Thatch Removal Reel

  • 3mm replaceable, wear resistant tungsten tipped blades. Ideal for pre and post playing season renovation work.


“A fantastic heavy duty scarifier, particularly for end of season cricket square renovations. Easy to set up, operate and maintain and gives an outstanding finish ready for overseeding and top dressing.”
Mike Atherton – Head Groundsman – King Williams College, UK

“Reducing thatch on our greens was a top priority and since purchasing the TM1000, the quality of our greens have significantly improved.”
Richard Wallis – Head Greenkeeper – Wishaw Golf Club, UK


Code – FS1258
Working Width – 1000mm (40″)
Tractor Power Requirement – 18-20hp minimum
Working Depth – 50mm (2″) max (width scarifying reel)
Includes Collection Box

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