Tracaire Tow-Behind Aerator
Fantastic For Large Areas | Fits Most Tractors
72" (1,829mm) Width | Up to 127mm Depth
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When it comes to aerating large, heavily trafficked fields burdened by intense compaction, the Ryan Tracaire Tow-Behind Aerator is your ultimate solution. Moreover, this powerhouse enhances efficiency by aerating an impressive 3 acres per hour. Thus, this machine turns even the most formidable tasks into a breeze. Featuring robust, alloy-steel tines designed for tackling the toughest surfaces, the Ryan Tracaire Tow-Behind Aerator leaves no obstacles in its path towards promoting a healthier turf. As a result, this machine is perfect for large-scale aeration – it simply offers heavy-duty performance and durability for the longest hauls.


Key Features

  • Easy connection with a reliable and durable three-point hitch configuration effortlessly connects to a wide variety of tractors.
  • Deep coring with hardened alloy-steel tines aerate four inches down even into the harshest soil, providing conditions that allow your turf to root deeply.
  • Cast iron tine wheels with sintered bushing – Avoid productivity-killing downtime with its cast-iron wheels, featuring sintered bushings and lubrication fittings for durability and easy maintenance.


  • 0.75″ (19mm) diameter coring tines formed from o.o8″ (2mm) hollow hardened alloy steel
  • 96 standard, 16 optional


Lawnaire 72″ Three-Point Hitch Aerator


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Manufacturer’s Website

Ryan – www.Ryanturf.com

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Ryan Tracaire Tow-Behind Aerator