Lawnaire 3-Point Hitch Aerator
Fantastic For Oval Renovation | Fits Most Tractors
36" (914mm) or 48" (1219mm) Width | Up to 102mm Depth
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For quality aeration done fast on medium-sized grounds like apartment complexes and sports fields, the Lawnaire 3-Point Hitch is ideal.

This popular towable aerator is available in a 36-inch model, or choose a larger 48-inch model for wider, open lawns. The durable coring, tines or spoon or slicing knives penetrate densely compacted soil with ease. The 36-inch model is compatible with any tractor that has a category “0” or “1” 3-point hitch capable of lifting 234kg (515lbs). You can operate the 48-inch model with any tractor that has a category “0” or “1” 3-point hitch and is capable of lifting 324kg (715lbs).


Key Features

  • Reliable three-point hitch allows simple connection and is compatible with a wide variety of tractor models.
  • For maximized productivity, independently mounted tine wheels let you make turns while the tines are in the ground.
  • Cast iron aeration wheels have sintered bushings and lubrication fittings for durability and easy maintenance.
  • Three varieties of hardened steel tines and two varieties of knives provide years of rugged and dependable service.


  • 515197 – Tine, Coring 3/4 in. (19mm), Back Discharge, Thick Wall (Fitted Standard)
  • 515196 – Tine, Coring 1/2 in. (13mm), Back Discharge, Thick Wall
  • 520404 – Tine, Spoon


  • 521155 – Deep Slicing Knife
  • 515193 – Shallow Slicing Knife


Lawnaire 36″ Three-Point Hitch Aerator
Lawnaire 48″ Three-Point Hitch Aerator


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Manufacturer’s Website

Ryan – www.Ryanturf.com

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