Jr Sod Cutter
The Gold Standard In Sod Cutting For Over 75 Years
12" (305mm) or 18" (457mm) Cutting Width | 163cc
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The Ryan Junior Sod Cutter has been the gold standard in the golf, rental and commercial industries for more than 75 years. The improved Jr. Sod Cutter sports a host of new features, including reduced hand/arm vibration, cut by a remarkable 75 percent for more comfortable operation. A pneumatic rear castor wheel with lockout allows for cutting around curved landscape features or straight strips with unmatched precision. A true workhorse, the Jr. Sod Cutter packs the speed, convenience and reliability you’ve come to expect from Ryan. The Ryan Jr. Sod Cutter features a full range of accessories, including a tote trailer. Two models are available, in either 12″ or 18″ cutting widths.


Key Features

  • Ultra-low Vibration Technology: A rubber isolation mount absorbs shock, cutting energy-draining vibration and saving your arms from giving out.
  • Easy Steer Technology: Unlock the pneumatic rear caster wheel to tightly maneuver with unmatched precision. Going straight? Lock the wheel.
  • User Friendly Operation: A user-friendly control panel makes it easier for anyone to grab, cut, and finish the job.
  • Simple Depth and Blade-Angle Adjustment: No matter the terrain or soil condition, easily change blade depth and angle for unmatched, precision cutting.

JR Sod Cutter Accessories

As if the Ryan Jr. Sod Cutter isn’t efficient and versatile enough, a full line of convenient accessories are available to make your job even easier – and more profitable. Each piece of equipment is easy to operate and simple to install. They’re the ultimate complement to an already industry-leading machine. Mole Blade Kit (Wire/Tube Puller)

  • Easily bury wire or tubing up to 5″ deep with minimal turf disturbance. The wire/tube puller is ideal for landscape lighting, irrigation systems and many other applications. Available with either a 0.75″ (19 mm) or 1.25″ (32mm) diameter kit.

V-Trencher Kit

  • Install cable and tackle other small to medium-sized trenching jobs with this user-friendly and cost-effective kit. Digs a V-shape trench to 6 in. (152 mm) deep.


12″ Junior Sod Cutter with Honda SLP GX160 Engine 18″ Junior Sod Cutter with Honda SLP GX160 Engine 18″ Junior Sod Cutter with Vanguard SLP 200 Model 12V3 Engine.


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Manufacturer’s Website

Ryan – www.Ryanturf.com

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