New! The RTV-XG850 - Combines Work & Leisure
2 Seater | Petrol | 48.3hp (36kW)
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For the utility vehicle that takes performance up a gear, get in the driver’s seat of Kubota’s new Sidekick.

The Sidekick’s quick acceleration and high transport speed (up to 64km/h) come from a powerful 48 HP petrol engine. Equipped with a CVT Plus transmission, this rugged, liquid-cooled engine provides plenty of torque for astonishingly quick and smooth take-off.


CVT Plus Transmission

  • The Sidekick is equipped with Kubota’s worry-free CVT Plus transmission. The centrifugal clutch keeps the thick, double cogged belts tight for minimal slippage, ensuring fast response and excellent belt durability. Fully shielded to keep out dust and water, the CVT Plus also cools the CVT belts with a large cooling fan for even greater durability.

Dumping Cargo Box

  • Fast and effortless, the Sidekick’s cargo box with standard assist damper or optional electric over hydraulic lift makes short work of unloading cargo.

Front And Rear Independent Suspension

  • Even when fully loaded, the Sidekick won’t bottom out. Front and rear independent suspension delivers a smooth ride with plenty of clearance.

Speed-Sensitive EPS

  • Light at low-speed and firm at high-speed, the Sidekick’s speed-sensitive EPS (Electronic Power Steering) offers exceptional steering control, improving not only handling, but also stability.

Engine Braking

  • Engine-assisted deceleration gives dependable control down steep slopes. The Sidekick’s one-way sprag and centrifugal clutch provides engine-assisted deceleration, for an enhanced sense of control and safety, particularly when travelling downward.

Digital Cluster Panel

  • The smart new meter panel alerts all major vehicle functions; featuring seatbelt and parking brake alarms, as well as overheating and intermediate gear control indicators. The modern white LCD display provides excellent visibility at all times.

New Steering Wheel And Shift Knob

  • Designed to match the Sidekick’s bold style, the ergonomic steering wheel and shift knob improve driver experience and overall comfort. The angle of the steering wheel can be adjusted to fit the operators posture for easier handling and greater control.

Towing Capacity

  • 907kg towing capacity for a wide range of towing jobs.

Optional Attachments

  • Poly Windshield
  • Poly Flip Windshield
  • Glass Windshield
  • Sport Roof
  • Poly Rear Panel
  • Glass Rear Panel
  • Door Set
  • Door Inserts
  • Plastic Bumper
  • Bush Guard
  • Under Guard
  • Rear Bumper
  • Tail Lamp Guard
  • A-Arm Guard (Front/Rear)
  • Front Work Light
  • Push-Button Hydraulic Bed Lift Kit
  • Additional LED Headlights (x2)
  • Headrests
  • Mud Guards


RTV-XG850W-A – Kubota Orange, Steel Wheels, ATV Tyres
RTV-XG850W-H – Kubota Orange, Steel Wheels, HDWS Tyres
RTV-XG850SL-AS – Black, Black Alloy Wheels, ATV Tyres, Spray-On Bed Liner


Please download the Kubota Sidekick RTV-XG850 brochure for full specifications.

Manufacturer’s Website

Kubota – www.kubota.com.au

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