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TR320 and TR330
Pristine Mowing, Even On Slopes And Tight Spaces
2 Models | Diesel | 3WD | 72" or 84" Cutting Width
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Heightened Manoeuvrability And Precision. World Class Cutting And Climbing.

The winning combination of superior slope capabilities and manoeuvrability makes the TR320 and TR330 the only choice when it comes to negotiating tight spaces and challenging terrain while delivering a pristine mowing performance. You and your crew will be able to maintain Jacobsen’s legendary quality of cut while amping up productivity by covering more ground with one trim unit.

Easy to operate and service, the TR320 is equipped with vertical reels which create the industry’s narrowest transport width, allowing you to negotiate your facility’s tightest turns and corners. Built to tackle hard-to-reach areas along bunker faces, roughs, steep slopes and tight turns, the TR330 features Adaptishift, allowing operators to effortlessly shift all three cutting reels to either side of the machine, creating up to 18″ of offset. Both TR models deliver a heightened quality of cut on slopes, hills and undulations, while keeping your crew safe and productive.


Key Features

  • Powerful diesel Kubota engine
  • Service-free wet parking brakes
  • Hydrostatic closed-loop transmission system
  • Direct hydraulic drive
  • Easy-access hood
  • Ergonomic fi ngertip control
  • Fully adjustable control arm
  • ROPS Frame
  • Optional slick or treaded tyres
  • 3WD

Slope Capability

  • Both TR models feature superior slope capability with increased stability, giving you the flexibility to flawlessly mow more areas with enhanced safety.

Transport Width

  • The TR320 offers industry-leading transport width for its class at 1.64m, which makes manoeuvring around tight turns and obstacles a breeze.


  • Cutting edge, AdaptiShift technology allows the TR330 to effortlessly glide its reels side-to-side, to efficiently mow those hard-to-reach areas.


The TR320 offers all the necessary features and capabilities that turf professionals require of a triplex trim mower. Fitted with a powerful Kubota diesel engine and optional slick or treaded tyres, the TR320 is the perfect balance of power, weight and precision to keep golf courses and sports turf looking pristine.

Standard Configuration

  • Vertical unit lift
  • Multi-function gauge
  • 26″ or 30″ reels

Options & Accessories

  • Light kit
  • Backlap kit
  • Canopy
  • Weight transfer kit
  • Slick tyres
  • Verticutting units
  • Grass catchers


The TR330 comes standard with advanced features that provide further precision, control and comfort when trimming any area of your facility. The TR330’s AdaptiShift technology allows operators to effortlessly shift all three cutting reels to either side of the machine, creating up to 18″ of offset. This allows bunkers and other hazards to be trimmed with ease, while keeping the mower away from obstacles. By giving you and your crew the ability to do more with one machine, without sacrificing quality, the TR330 will help you get the most out of your work day.

Standard Configuration

  • AdaptiShift technology
  • On-board backlap function
  • Intuitive on-board diagnostics with full colour display screen
  • Adjustable mechanical suspension seat
  • 26″ or 30″ reels

Options & Accessories

  • Light kit
  • Canopy
  • Slick tyres
  • Verticutting units
  • Grass catchers

Jacobsen® Advantage

For over 95 years Jacobsen has been renowned for industry-leading turf maintenance equipment. A strong focus on engineering innovative technology has led to advancements that deliver impeccable quality of cut on user-friendly equipment.


Please download the TR Series brochure to see full specifications for these machines.

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Jacobsen – www.jacobsen.com

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