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Super Lightweight Fairway & Sports Turf Mower
Diesel | 3WD or 4WD | 82" Cutting Width
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Super Lightweight Reel Mower With Unmatched Contour Following.

Introducing the SLF530, a highly manoeuvrable mower delivering unrivalled quality of cut with a superb power to weight ratio. Designed with versatility and application flexibility in mind, the SLF530 is packed full of standard features, including a high-res full colour screen, which puts advanced on-board diagnostics at your fingertips. With Jacobsen’s renowned quality of cut the SLF530 is the perfect choice for golf and sports stadiums where appearance is paramount.

Performance is provided by Jacobsen’s legendary Classic XP Reels. These durable 45.7 cm (18”) reels with TrueSet bedknife adjustment deliver superior cut quality, and reliably follow ground contours. The FlashAttach™ cutting unit mounting system also means less maintenance time, with no tools required for removal or installation. The SLF530’s superior slope capability and traction keeps the machine stable and operators safe, and on-board diagnostics saves operators and service teams time and money.


Key Features

  • Powerful and reliable diesel Kubota engine
  • 3 or 4 wheel drive
  • 82″ (208cm) width of cut
  • Mower is optimised for low ground pressure
  • Maintenance-free, wet parking brakes
  • Advanced on-board diagnostics
  • 4″ high visibility full colour LCD control screen
  • Biodegradable hydraulic fluids
  • Ergonomic operator area
  • Adjustable transport speeds
  • Adjustable mow speeds
  • Backlap capable
  • Tilt steering wheel
  • Easy access hood
  • Fully adjustable armrest
  • Patented dual-pivot arm lifting system
  • Slick tyres
  • Expandable mesh storage net


  • Choose either 3WD or 4WD to best suit your application
  • Slick or treaded tires available
  • Full selection of Classic XP Reel configurations

Jacobsen® Advantage

For over 95 years Jacobsen has been renowned for industry-leading turf maintenance equipment. A strong focus on engineering innovative technology has led to advancements that deliver impeccable quality of cut on user-friendly equipment.


Please download the SLF530 brochure to see full specifications for this machine.

Manufacturer’s Website

Jacobsen – www.jacobsen.com

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