Eclipse 2
Best In Class Quality Of Cut And Customized Controls
Electric or Hybrid | 18", 22" & 26" Cutting Width
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Jacobsen’s NEW Eclipse 2 offers best in class quality of cut, industry leading productivity and customized controls.


  • The patented true floating head and Classic XP™ reel combine to produce Jacobsen’s legendary quality of cut.
  • Delivers industry leading productivity with a maximum mow speed of up to 3.8 mph (6.12 km/h) while maintaining the tightest frequency of clip.
  • Password protected LCD menu allows you to set the frequency of clip, mow speed and other settings to customize mower to course conditions.


Eclipse 2 118 Hybrid and Electric
Eclipse 2 118F Hybrid and Electric
Eclipse 2 122 Hybrid and Electric
Eclipse 2 122F Hybrid and Electric
Eclipse 2 126 Hybrid and Electric


Engine – Hybrid Models: Honda® GX-120
Generator – Hybrid Models: 1 kW continuous; 48VDC brushless
Battery Pack – Battery Models: 48V 20AH sealed lead acid
Sound Power Level – Hybrid Models: 88 dBA Battery Models: 82 dBA
Fuel Capacity – Hybrid Models: 2.5 L

Traction and Differential
Drive Motor – 1 kW continuous; brushless DC
Traction Drive – via synchronous belt
Operator Presence Control – InCommand™ standard
Differential – Full automotive type, housed in traction drum
Traction Drum – 19.68 cm diameter smooth machined aluminum
Brakes – Lever actuated hub brake with parking lock
Transport Wheels – Pneumatic 27.94 cm x 16.16 cm
Mowing Speed – Electronically controlled, 6.12 km/h maximum

Reels and Blades
Reel Bearings – Spring-loaded, tapered roller
Reel Diameter – 127 mm
Number of Blades – ECLIPSE2 118 and 122 Models: 11 blades/15 blades
Number of Blades – ECLIPSE2 126 Models: 7 blades
Blade Material – Hardened, high manganese carbon steel
Cutting Frequency – Variable (electronically programmable)
Reel Motor – 1kW continuous; brushless DC
Reel Speed – Electronically controlled, 2200 RPM maximum
Height-of-Cut – ECLIPSE2 118 and 122 Models: 1.57 – 11.13 mm
Height-of-Cut – ECLIPSE2 126 Models: 8.26 – 31.75 mm
Bedknife Material – Hardened carbon steel

ECLIPSE2 118 Models: 18″ (45.7 cm)
ECLIPSE2 122 Models: 22″ (55.9 cm)
ECLIPSE2 126 Models: 26″ (66.0 cm)

A full range of Parts, Service and Operating Manuals is available on the Jacobsen website.

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Jacobsen – www.jacobsen.com

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