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Agrotron M Series
In Full Command - Panoramic Cab And Power To Spare
2 Models | 132hp (98.4kW) or 163hp (121.5kW) | Cab
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The new Agrotron range is the culmination of the rich experience of more than 80 years of major technological leadership in the agricultural machinery industry. Here is a tractor series that is one of the most comprehensive and modern on the market.

The panoramic view concept, the styling and the spacious cab of the Agrotron M is unmistakable. The Agrotron M sets standards in tractor design and ensures its owner productivity, value stability and profit.

For full specifications and a better look at the Agrotron M Series please download the brochure.



  • The 6 cylinder high-tech DEUTZ turbo diesel engines in the Agrotron M come with innovative DEUTZ Common-Rail Technology (DCR) as standard. And thanks to the DPC the engines deliver constant power, high overpower and maximum torque. The driver can therefore relax while working with minimal gearshift changes because the engine offers sufficient reserves of power, good elasticity values and reduced fuel consumption at all times. At the top speed of 50 km/h the engine only reaches a speed of 2,100 rpm and at 40 km/h it is just 1,680 rpm. That saves fuel and protects the driver’s ears.


  • In the Agrotron we use the reliable and track-proven ZF 7200 series transmission. the fully synchronised transmission comprises three main components: 4-stage powershift, 6-stage main transmission with wet multi-plate clutch and 4-speed creeper gear (optional) group.
  • Due to the position of the large-dimensioned wet multi-plate clutch, between the main and Powershift transmission, wear on the clutch and the effort needed for gear shifting are both considerably reduced. This results in smooth and fluid shifting with maximum clutch reliability. The clutch can either be controlled using the pedal or a knob on the gearshift lever. Hydrodamp vibration absorbers enhance smooth starting and reduce the load peaks when the Powershift stages are actuated.
  • The Powershift allows all four gears to be selected electro-hydraulically at the touch of a button on the armrest or on the PowerCom S control lever without pressing the clutch. The Powershift settings automatically adjust to the speed when the gear is changed (SpeedMatching). With the shuttle transmission it is possible to pull off from a stationary position or change the direction of travel (reverse/forwards) without actuating the clutch.


  • Mechanical cab suspension: With the mechanical cab suspension the vibration stress for the driver is reduced by one third and the vibration and jolting which negatively affects the driver’s health is also reduced.
  • Instructor’s seat: The standard, folding instructor’s seat is perfectly integrated into the cab entrance, a safety bar, handle and child lock in the door make this seat also extremely safe. An integrated compartment in the seat backrest provides room for documents.
  • Noise silencing: With its low interior noise level the Agrotron is one of the quietest tractors in its class. This is achieved with basic design features such as engines with low noise emission and consistent exclusion of noise-emitting and noise-transferring components from the cab. An additional insulating wall between the engine compartment and the single-cell, full-body cab considerably improves noise insulation.
  • Impressive air conditioning: The powerful 4-stage heating and ventilation fan of the Agrotron cab has a capacity of up to 580 m3 / h and ensures a constant and pleasant working atmosphere in next to no time.


  • Load-sensing hydraulic system effortlessly delivers variable output (flow) to match the changing demands of any implement thus ensuring maximum output, but minimal horsepower demand.
  • Large-dimension lift cylinders provide a tremendous lifting force of up to 9.2 t. Fast, sure and safe implement coupling and uncoupling is also possible by additionally actuating the powerlift buttons on the rear mudguard. The coupling of heavy implements is easier with Cat. II / II fast couplers.


Agrotron M 600 (40km/h Specifications)
Agrotron M 600 (50km/h Specifications)
Agrotron M 620 (50km/h Specifications)


Please download the brochure to see specifications for this model.

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Deutz-Fahr – www.deutztractors.com.au

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