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Agromaxx Series
Perfect Combination Of Reliability & Low Running Costs
2 Models | 50hp or 60hp | ROPS
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Pricing Includes Front End Loader with Standard Dirt Bucket!


The Agromaxx is simple in design but rugged and strong. The ideal utility tractor for small farms, or as an additional tractor alongside fleets of high powered machines operated by larger organisations. Available in two models, 50hp and 60hp, this tractor offers the perfect combination of performance, reliability and low running costs.

For full specifications and a better look at the Agromaxx Series please download the brochure.



  • The transmission of the Agromaxx 55-60 series is extremely sturdy and extraordinarily efficient, with ideally spaced gear ratios. The standard configuration consists of a synchromesh four-speed gearbox with three forward and reverse ranges. With intelligently spaced ratios covering an ideal range, the transmission gives these tractors the capability to operate from a minimum speed of just 810 m/h to a top speed of 30 km/h; with four gears and three ranges, Agromaxx 55-60 tractors offer a total of twelve forward and three reverse speeds. With a highly effective transmission, an ideal weight distribution and 100% lockable differentials, Agromaxx 55-60 tractors are ideal for a wide variety of applications, from hay-making to secondary tillage and general soil preparation jobs. With a particularly compact wheelbase of just 2450 mm combined with a front axle offering a maximum steering angle of 70 degrees on two wheel drive versions or 55 degrees on four wheel drive versions (with selectable dual traction), Agromaxx 55-60 tractors are extraordinarily manoeuvrable.

Operators Station

  • Agromaxx 55-60 series of tractors are rationally designed and built with a sturdy construction and solid control mechanisms. The driver zone is essential but extremely comfortable, with an adjustable, mechanically sprung seat, and features comprehensive, ergonomic controls and instruments. The rational, intuitive layout of the control levers makes even the longest working day spent on board the Agromaxx a pleasure.


  • The hydraulic system uses a gear pump with a maximum capacity of 33 l/min to feed the rear lift and the two-way auxiliary distributors (four-way offered as an option and std on 60), while the secondary pump feeds the hydrostatic steering system, for smooth steering action even at low engine speeds and during simultaneous usage of the main hydraulic utilities. The hydraulic lift mounted to the machine with a three point linkage has a maximum capacity of 1500 kg.


  • Agrolift CRX2900 front end loader and standard dirt bucket.


Agromaxx 55
Agromaxx 60 HD


Please download the brochure to see specifications for this model.

Manufacturer’s Website

Deutz-Fahr – www.deutztractors.com.au

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