Cub Cadet
Enduro XT1 LT 42e Electric
New! Future Is Now - Electric Without Compromise
Fabricated Deck | Lithium-Ion | 42" (107cm) Cut
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Charge Ahead With Cub Cadet Lithium-Ion Battery Riders

When Cub Cadet designed our industry leading new line of battery-powered lithim ion mowers, we didn’t compromise on power, consistency or performance. With a quieter operation, zero emissions, lower maintenance and the added versaility of optional mulch plug and catcher fitment, you can enjoy your mowing experience more. The Cub Cadet battery rider range delivers the performance you expect from a petrol-powered mower, using the latest battery technology.


The advanced Lithium-Ion powered XT1 LT 42e from Cub Cadet is the future of ride on mowers.

No power lag from the strong 56V, 60 Ah electric motor means you can power through your grass and get a cleaner cut. No need to buy petrol and minimal ongoing maintenance means the running costs are extremely low. Simply put it on charge when you’re done and you’re ready to go next time. No hassle, no fuss.


Key Features

  • Li-Ion Battery Power
  • Large 107cm (42″) Cutting Deck
  • 1.5 Hours Run Time
  • 3 Year Unlimited Hour Unit and Battery Warranty

Less Maintenance

  • No need for gas, oil changes, spark plugs, belts or even pulley maintenance.

No Power Fade

  • Lithium-ion technology allows for full speed and consistent, high-powered performance without fading.

Premium Cut

  • Two brushless motors deliver power to a 13-gauge steel, direct drive, twin blade cutting deck.

Automotive-Inspired Handling

  • Optimized steering system delivers a one-touch 16-inch turn radius.

Ride In Comfort

  • Premium 15-inch adjustable cut-and-sew seat with 10° incline and slide slope.

Smooth Operation

  • A fully electric transmission means no shifting; just push the pedal and go.

Easy To Use

  • Push button start and cruise control to maintain a desired speed for consistent mowing.

Powerful Illumination

  • LED headlights provide comfortable and precise cutting at dawn or dusk.

Zero Emissions

  • No exhaust, carbon monoxide, or unburned hydrocarbons from the on-board source of power.

Strong Warranty

  • Built in America and backed by a 3-year domestic unit and battery warranty.

Accessories & Attachments

  • Mulching Kit (optional)
  • Catcher (optional)


Please download the Cub Cadet Electric Range product brochure for full model specs.


Domestic Only – 3 Year Unlimited Hour Unit & Battery Warranty.

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