$20K Instant Asset Write-Off

$20K Instant Asset Write-Off

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$20K Instant Asset Write-Off*

With recent legislation reinstating the $20,000 threshold for instant asset write-offs, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across Australia have a renewed opportunity to bolster their ventures.

KC Equipment stands ready to assist businesses in making the most of this advantageous scheme: the $20K Instant Asset Write-Off. For 2024 income year, SMEs meeting specific criteria can leverage the $20,000 instant asset write-off threshold, provided they conduct business activities under general principles, maintain an aggregated annual turnover below $10 million, and opt for simplified depreciation rules.

KC Equipment offers a range of products perfectly suited for this purpose, ensuring farming or landscaping businesses can acquire assets below the $20,000 threshold and utilise them for taxable purposes within the designated timeframe. Whether it’s agricultural machinery, landscaping equipment, or industrial tools, KC Equipment provides solutions that align with the instant asset write-off regulations.

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Businesses can potentially deduct the full cost of multiple assets throughout the year, maximizing their benefits under the scheme. However, it’s essential to note the nuances of eligibility and asset criteria outlined by the government. KC Equipment emphasizes the importance of seeking professional advice from accountants or financial advisors to navigate these regulations effectively. As the $20,000 threshold presents a valuable opportunity for SMEs to invest in growth, KC Equipment remains committed to supporting businesses in seizing this advantage!

*It’s important to note that KC Equipment is not a financial advisor institution. Individuals and businesses are strongly encouraged to consult with their accountant or financial advisor to seek advice on the matters outlined above. Every business situation is unique, and professional guidance can help ensure that decisions align with specific financial goals and circumstances.

+Please note, Husqvarna products are only available at KC Equipment Yatala.

0 Please note, Kubota products are only available at KC Equipment Murwillumbah – Call 02 6672 2555 for our best price.