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CK Series
The New Generation Of Kioti Compact Tractors
3 Models | 37hp (27.6kW) or 42hp (31.3kW) | ROPS
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Featuring either a 37hp or 42hp Daedong diesel engine and brilliant new design, the CK Series is the latest compact tractor design from Kioti Daedong. Featuring the choice of a smooth three range hydrostatic transmission or cost-saving manual, they CK3710 and CK4210 have enough power for a huge range of attachments, and make a perfect addition to any site.

The eco-friendly Daedong diesel engines are not only fuel efficient, they also produce minimal noise, little vibration and meet or exceed EPA regulation. The performance proven, heavy duty hydrostatic drive delivers power and efficiency. This three range transmission (high, mid, low) features simple twin pedal operation, that makes your job easier, smoother and safer.

The illuminated dashboard ensures great visibility while working in bright daylight or at night. Dual HST pedals and joystick are conveniently located for optimum operator comfort. Front-end loader work is also made easier by the use of a single lever joystick that returns to neutral when released, and a float position allows the bucket free flotation over the ground surface.

For full specifications and a better look at the CK Series please download the brochure.

Optional Attachments

  • 4-in-1 Front End Loader
  • Backhoe Loader


3-Point Control Lever

  • The ergonomic 3-point control lever has smooth motion for reduced effort and improved control. A rear, external 3-point control lever allows the operator to control the 3-point for easier attachments of implements.

4WD Engagement

  • 4WD comes standard on all models and is engaged with an easy access lever.

Rear Differential Lock

  • The differential lock lever allows for easy engagement/disengagement of the differential allowing you to maintain traction on uneven or muddy terrain.

Single Lever Joystick

  • Front-end loader work is made easier by the use of a single lever joystick. The lever returns to neutral when released. A float position allows the bucket free flotation over the ground surface.


  • Standard Single Lever Joystick and Dual HST Pedals are conveniently located for optimum operator comfort.

Eco-Friendly Engine

  • Daedong diesel engine produces low noise, little vibration and meets or exceeds EPA regulations.

Power Steering

  • The standard power steering minimizes the effort required to make tight, repetitive turns.

Dual HST Pedals

  • A two pedal system for forward and reverse with smooth engagement, acceleration and deceleration. Pedal pressure is minimized which reduces operator fatigue during long hours of use and when doing repetitive tasks.

Powerful HST Transmission (CK3710H and CK4210H)

  • Performance proven, heavy duty HST drives that deliver power and efficiency. The three range transmission (Hi/Mid/Low) with twin pedal operation makes your job easier, smoother and safer.

9×3 Manual Transmission (CK4210)

  • Manual transmission models feature 9 Forward and 3 Reverse speeds delivering heavy duty performance. Second and Reverse gears are synchronized for efficient forward and reverse operations requiring frequent shifting.

Illuminated Dashboard

  • The illuminated dashboard ensures great visibility while working in bright daylight or at night.

Tail Lamp & Flasher

  • The stylish tail lights improves operator safety by increasing visibility. When the lights are on, the fender mounted flasher alerts traffic to your presence when travelling on the road.

Center Marker

  • The center ridge marker on the hood assists with maintaining straight rows.

High Ground Clearance

  • The maximum ground clearance of 340mm (13.4″) makes usage on rocky or uneven terrain simpler.

Front End Loader (optional attachment)

  • The Kioti KL4010 front end loader is specifically designed for the CK3710H, CK4210 and CK4210H model tractors, providing efficient performance with single lever joystick control. The KIOTI loader, with a built in parking stand, is designed to be quickly and easily attached and detached. KL Series loaders utilize the tractor’s hydraulic system, feature single-lever control with float and come with a bucket level indicator.

Backhoe (optional attachment)

  • The Kioti KB2475L backhoe lets you trench up to 89.7 ˝ deep with a bucket dig force up to 2,817 pounds. The KB2475L Backhoe features subframe mounting, responsive two-lever controls with exceptional feathering, hydraulic stabilizers, transport lock and a variety of standard and heavy-duty buckets.


CK3710H (Hydrostatic transmission)
CK4210 (Manual transmission
CK4210H (Hydrostatic transmission)


Please download the brochure to see specifications for this model

Manufacturer’s Website

Kioti – www.kiotitractors.com.au/

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